About Us

DEALERSHIP NEWS: This site is dedicated to those people and companies who put their best foot forward and represent themselves and the used car industry in the brightest possible light both ethically and professionally day in and day out.

WHAT DEALERSHIP NEWS IS ALL ABOUT: Although we’ll be covering automotive news such as buying trends and stats, big automotive industry announcements and exciting innovations, we’ll also provide used car dealers resources, tools, and information to help them flourish in a very competitive used car marketplace largely dictated by market factors beyond all of our control.

WHO WE ARE: Dealership News is made up of a staff of dedicated employees who have a passion for helping others in our industry get the most out of today’s automotive technology. They are trained in search engine and Google best practices, website builds with optimized SEO, and customer service. Nowhere on earth will you find a nicer bunch of people more willing to help out. We’re more of a family than a staff.

A REPUTATION CHANGING WITH THE TIMES: The used car business has long been mired in a collective “mixed perception” as to trustworthiness and honesty. Let’s face it, when you buy a used car, you’re buying a car someone else was likely tired of driving it for whatever reason. Second only to members of congress, the car sales profession is saddled with just about the lowest approval rate a profession can receive. With the advent of “Certified Pre-Owned”, CarFax, and the vast amount of research available online, consumers are far more able to protect themselves against the agents of dishonesty within the auto industry than they were 25 years ago.
Fortunately, dishonesty is easily punished with a bad review and in 2017, the weight of bad reviews can crush any dealership with a bent for shadiness. In this instance, digital technology has evolved to protect the consumer and if used correctly, can greatly aid the used car dealer in becoming more transparent, prominent, and successful in their various DMAs. Automotive Technology needs to be embraced and implemented properly for used car dealers to rise above their competition and dissolve the perceptions of impropriety that pervade the profession. We’re here to provide the necessary tools, tips and technologies to make the trade...terrific!