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New Free Classified Listing site “UsedCarsForSale.Com” to Test Emerging Technology as Trade-Off for Free Leads and Listings to Car Dealers

Free Classified Site to Offer State-of-the-art Technology to Used Car Dealers. Owner Steve Tackett plans to test emerging technology which he values as part of a much bigger picture rather than nickel and diming dealers with listing and lead fees.…

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Doug Whitcomb Says; Leave mindless commuting to robo-taxis, driving enthusiasts will take to the track and trails

Doug Whitcomb writes a great blog on the coming influx of autonomous vehicles and it's impact on "motorheads", folks who like driving for the sake of driving!…

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Usedcarsnearme.com Launches with State-of-the-Art Classified Listing Site

SEO aficionado and prodigious automotive domain collector Steve Tackett has just launched yet another automotive classified listing site. Says Taylor Buchanan of Automotiveleads.com; “Usedcarsnearme.com promises the consumer a very satisfying experience, this new site is the perfect platform for local used car dealers to list on, the listings look fantastic and it’s a very easy navigation for the consumer, best looking classified site I’ve seen by a long shot.”…

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Hurricane Winds Create Windfall for Car Dealers

Along with 180 mph winds, flood damage, home destruction, and disease, Hurricane’s Harvey and Irma were also the cause behind the effect of a very large increase in car sales. It’s estimated that nearly one million cars were totalled during the twin typhoons. In a bizarre case of “right place, right time”, car dealers who could find resource to stay open or reopen quickly profited well.

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Attorneys Preying on Predatory Attorneys: Welcome to the Jungle!

Uncle Milton’s Used Cars sold you a used car 3 years ago. Things worked out pretty well for a while but maybe the tranny started slipping, the brakes had issues, or maybe there was an airbag recall somewhere along the way. You make OK money but realistically, it’s a paycheck to paycheck subsistence. You are the working middle-class, and in general terms, match the profile of a typical used car buyer an opportunistic lawyer will target to sue a completely unsuspecting dealership.

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A Used Car Dealer’s Top 5 Ways to Avoid Being Sued

While at the IADAC conference in Lake Tahoe, I had the pleasure of meeting Katherine P. Sandberg of the Fisher Phillips Law firm who gave a seminar on the Top 5 Ways you can be sued by your employees. Obviously, there a myriad of reasons why a dealership can be sued by customers but it’s the self-inflicted wounds of having an employee(s) taking action against you that are the most avoidable. The following are my takeaways from Katherine’s terrific presentation.