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The Best TV Cars of All-Time!

Throughout the years, TV has given us some of the coolest cars imaginable. The question is; which TV cars were your favorites? If you had to pick one car to own, which one would it be? Double check my list, am I missing your favorite cool car of yesteryear? Strange how there hasn't been a cool car on the tube in decades!…

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Cory Mosely Takes a Time Out with Dealership News!

Today we were fortunate to spend some time with Corey Mosely, host of Progressive Retail on the CBT Automotive Network to chat about his career and the state of the automotive industry in his eyes. Great energy, great interview.…

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Taking Time with Alan Dickie

We are fortunate to spend a few minutes with Alan Dickie and learn about what makes him tick, and your dealership click! Alan has a wealth of experience and enough energy to light Toronto for 3 hours!…

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Technology Has No Limits; Only Human Vision Does

Here are some technological predictions that failed to see the true potential of the ever-expanding universe of what man is actually capable of. I predict we'll continue to try to predict the future without success.…

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DealerLeads.com Launching 23 “Cash for Used Cars” Sites to Drive Used Car Sellers to Local Dealers

New car sales are faltering in the US, high interest rates for sub-prime borrowers have fostered the expansion of a tried and true marketing strategy for dealerships.  Dealerleads.com has just launched 23 cash for used cars websites to help dealers increase profitability when a glut of 3.9 million off-lease vehicles hits the streets this year.  The principle is to funnel all "cash for my car" type search engine queries to local dealers who not only buy good used inventory low, but can get that seller into another vehicle as well.…

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February Sales, Euros and Japanese Stealing Marketshare

Upon perusing the February sales numbers, we can see one thing very clearly, US automakers are selling less cars than their competitors from Japan and even the once untouchable pickup truck segment is now being breached. While Chevy Silverado sales slip, Toyota Tundra and it's "starter pickup" the Tacoma are seeing sales lift appreciably.…