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Automotive News Marketing 360 Luncheon and Discussion Panel Highlights

I recently attended the Automotive News Marketing 360 event and listened intently to 5 speakers (including a cliche, wild-haired, tech-nerd keynoter named David) all of whom are in the midst of the 2018 "Car Wars". The speakers included a very concise and to-the-point, Google guy named Adam, Marketing guy from KIA (not killed in action) named Saad, Acura VP and GM named John who told us Acura isn't lame anymore, and a marketing maven and PR pro named Andrea who used the terms "disruptor" and "transparency".…

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David Tarczynski of Carcasm Discusses Web Services

David Tarczynski lead engineer of Carcasm, gets carcastic about what sets them apart from other site developers in automotive. It's a nice, quick and poignant interview about a solid, dependable vendor.…

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Patrick McMullen of MaxDigital.com Chats With Dealership News - 5 stars

Patrick McMullen of MaxDigital.com and Senior VP of Strategy and Innovation raps with us about developing dealership profit centers and optimizing profits in every nook and cranny of a dealership. If there is a way of optimizing profit, he'll disclose it!…

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Having Great Customer Retention Strategies is What Dealership For Life is All About

Ever wonder which customer retention strategies work for a car dealer? Our 20 minute chat with Todd Gilbreath of Dealership For LIfe gives us a great look into how a fast growing automotive vendor has the formula for success!…

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Big News is Coming: Competitive Data that no other auto site can provide, we are introducing the National Dealership Standings

Over the next 90 days, we will be unveiling the Dealer Standings which will show weekly sales generated by the Top 10 dealers in 50 markets. You could call it the NFL standings of Dealerships. We'll see who the best dealers, and the worst dealers really are! Nowhere else but on DealershipNews.com!…

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Lyft Driving Forward With A Subscription Model - Their 1st Smart Move

Ever since it's inception, Lyft, and for that matter, Uber have lost money, hand over fist. But, with 9.3 million Americans delinquent on their car payments, could this new subscription concept put them in the black at some point in the near future? Frankly, I'm excited.…