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PlugIn EVs Charging into 2018 with Positive Sales Growth

The sales of EV's in 2018 has eclipsed MTD sales of EVs in 2017. Bolstered by the release of the Tesla Model 3, interest in EVs seems to be on the rise. With the increase in charging stations, and some nice specs attributed to the best selling models, could you be the next owner of an EV?…

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The Affordable Vendor Every Dealer Can’t Afford to Ignore in 2018

Dealer Analytics provides clarity by elucidating the waste, and helps streamline dealership advertising/marketing processes with top notch analytics...not guess work. Attribution is just part of that analysis, albeit a major component to be sure.…

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Quickcast: JD Byrider Interview with Aaron Hershey

On Quickcast #1 we interviewed Aaron Hershey GM at JD Byrider in Euclid, Ohio, a highly rated Buy Here, Pay Here operation to get a little insight on a successful franchise.…

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Sales Race 2018

2018 Automotive sales jumped out of the starting gate slightly faster than in 2017, but let's not expect industry records without the help of Mother Nature.…

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Uber Not so Super, Losing 1.46 Billion Last Quarter, Lyft Triples Rev!

Flush with scandal and challenging governance issues, Uber Technologies Inc. is burning money at a rate that beckons one to think that they’re much better at raising capital than they are at running a company.…

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Online/Social Strategy for Car Dealerships: Stay Agile, Watch for Trends, be Cost-Effective.

Depending on the size of your dealership, whether you’re a franchisee or independant, you may or may not have staff dedicated to social media and or Google AdWords. Much of what you do on social media is based on who you’re targeting.…