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Mclaren Beverly Hills Takeover Hosted By Platinum Motorsports

The most active muscle car maker on social media has a new location in Beverly Hills! Here is some exclusive video taken by our vlogger/videographer, Taylor Buchanan who will be bringing you exclusive footage and interviews with the movers and shakers of the various car clubs and special car-related events across So. Cal in 2018!…

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Vehicles With the Best Gas Mileage for 2018

Although the economy is great, and "0 to empty in 45 seconds" muscle cars seem to be well represented on the highways and byways of America, opting to go with any one of a number of hybrids or EVs is a seduction enhanced by an increase in fuel efficiency and MPG values unlike we've ever seen.…

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The Car Model Ghoul Pool: 2018's Extinction Event

The 2018 Ghoul Pool is complete. We have compiled the list of vehicles that will no longer be continued in 2018. If you bought any one of these extinction events at any point in the last few years, be assured that you’ll still be able to get parts for them should you need repair for the next several years. You’ll just have a heck of a hard time finding buyers when it’s time to.…

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Top Selling Cars of 2017 Through November

Here is the USA Today's list of top selling cars - 7 out of 10 are Japanese brands, as usual. Car sales down, SUV and light trucks up in 2017. Thanks to the USA Today for supplying this piece!…

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LA Auto Show Trucks and SUVs

By far, the best selling vehicles in North America are light trucks and SUVs. The Auto show provided us with a look into 2018 and what we saw...impressed!…

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The Best Interiors at The 2017 LA Auto Show

It's not what's on the outside that counts, rather what's on the inside. That statement is dead on for 2018's lineup of cars and trucks for 2018. Almost all of our time is spent in our vehicles and that's where the rubber meets the road for many buyers.…