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America IS Country!

Just a quick check on best-selling EVERYTHING in America and I've come to the conclusion that marketing to the "country" demographic...is a no-brainer.…

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EVs Aren't Quite as Green as Advertised

Although EVs and hybrids are being hailed as green technology, the fact is, that there is very little green about them according to a Swedish study. Although the study is fairly broad, and omits key data sets, it does make a point.…

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Automotive News Marketing 360 Luncheon and Discussion Panel Highlights

I recently attended the Automotive News Marketing 360 event and listened intently to 5 speakers (including a cliche, wild-haired, tech-nerd keynoter named David) all of whom are in the midst of the 2018 "Car Wars". The speakers included a very concise and to-the-point, Google guy named Adam, Marketing guy from KIA (not killed in action) named Saad, Acura VP and GM named John who told us Acura isn't lame anymore, and a marketing maven and PR pro named Andrea who used the terms "disruptor" and "transparency".…

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David Tarczynski of Carcasm Discusses Web Services

David Tarczynski lead engineer of Carcasm, gets carcastic about what sets them apart from other site developers in automotive. It's a nice, quick and poignant interview about a solid, dependable vendor.…

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Patrick McMullen of MaxDigital.com Chats With Dealership News - 5 stars

Patrick McMullen of MaxDigital.com and Senior VP of Strategy and Innovation raps with us about developing dealership profit centers and optimizing profits in every nook and cranny of a dealership. If there is a way of optimizing profit, he'll disclose it!…

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Having Great Customer Retention Strategies is What Dealership For Life is All About

Ever wonder which customer retention strategies work for a car dealer? Our 20 minute chat with Todd Gilbreath of Dealership For LIfe gives us a great look into how a fast growing automotive vendor has the formula for success!…