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Big News is Coming: Competitive Data that no other auto site can provide, we are introducing the National Dealership Standings

Over the next 90 days, we will be unveiling the Dealer Standings which will show weekly sales generated by the Top 10 dealers in 50 markets. You could call it the NFL standings of Dealerships. We'll see who the best dealers, and the worst dealers really are! Nowhere else but on DealershipNews.com!…

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Lyft Driving Forward With A Subscription Model - Their 1st Smart Move

Ever since it's inception, Lyft, and for that matter, Uber have lost money, hand over fist. But, with 9.3 million Americans delinquent on their car payments, could this new subscription concept put them in the black at some point in the near future? Frankly, I'm excited.…

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Service Departments: Revenue Centers and Consumers Know It!

If you've ever gone to the dealer to solve an issue that's not under warranty, you've likely been shocked at how quickly the money is sucked out of your wallet or purse. It's all good when the issue is covered by a warranty, but as soon as that check engine light goes on at 100,000 miles and you can't pass a smog...there are decisions to be made. And that's what I'm currently experiencing.…

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7 Things We Learned in 9 Years, and Where Green Cars are Headed (by John Voelcker)

We're ramping up our use of good blog content that car dealers can actually use, and thought this nice piece by written by John Voelcker (https://bit.ly/2I3kNh6) fit the bill nicely…

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Economic Factors Pulling Auto Sales Down, Most Segments See a Fall Off in April

Although overall auto sales (year to date) numbers are slightly higher than last year, we’re seeing gravitational market forces beginning to pull sales down, and it feels like this descent may last for a while. Read more and find out why... Automotive News Car Dealers Can Really Use!…

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What $100 Million Worth of Cars Looks Like! Cars N Copters Huntington Beach 5.6.18

The very first Cars N Copters in Huntington Beach saw a showing of 13 Koenigseggs, 8 Paganis and the very first Koenigsegg Regera released in the WORLD!!
Full Video Here!…