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Hurricane Winds Create Windfall for Car Dealers

Historically, there’s nothing like Mother Nature to surge sales as well as flood waters. Remember Hurricane Katrina, up until now, the costliest disaster in US history? She wiped out nearly a half a million vehicles and consequently, automotive sales peaked at all-time record volume in 2005 which is no surprise considering the need to replace the water-ravaged wrecks. As fodder for another story, 10,000 of those totals ended up in Bolivia being sold as low-priced dream cars turned nightmares when the corrosive nature of the saltwater eventually totaled those vehicles for a second time.

Vehicle replacement sales in September and October continue a rally in car sales that is expected to continue into November and creep into December. As one would expect, the best performing brands in Q3 were representative of the three manufacturers historically favored by those geos hit hardest by the weather such as Texas, Florida, S. Carolina, Louisiana, and Georgia. Here’s the scoreboard; GM has experienced an 11.8% increase in sales, Ford at a 14.9% lift, and Toyota at an 8.9% spike.

GM and Ford pickups led the sales salvo with the Toyota cranking out record transactions as well. Nissan reported that its popular Rogue also set a record, selling just 4,000 units less than the Rav4.

Overall, it was a killer quarter for Nissan that set a wind-related record for September enjoying a 9.5% increase in sales, with a total of 139,969 units finding new, drier homes led of course by crossover King the Nissan Rogue. Toyota’s Rav4 continues to get raves from the public and continues to be the big T’s top seller into Q4.

Even new used car sites and have reported a prodigious increase in dealer listing activity for replacement inventory.

Will the trend continue with the absence of another natural disaster or is the industry rallying up on an upsurging economy? Perhaps Asteroid TC4 will decide to make an unexpected crash landing and bring on a whole new of car sales opportunities that are out of this world! Only time will tell!

Kelly Kleinman

Content Manager/Dealership News


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