Mary Lou Smith - Spokesmodel Needing a Break
Spokesmodels Needing A Break

Our First Spokesmodel!

We here at Dealership News are happy to announce our first spokesmodel needing a break!


Mary Lou Smith - Spokesmodel Needing a BreakMary Lou Smith from Molene, Illinois, a secretary at the Midwestern Farmers Guild, who has the ginchiest smile, and classiest chassy we’ve seen in the longest time! Mary Lou certainly has it made in the shade with all of the cool freebies she’s won including; a Carton of Lucky Strikes, a case of Bain De’ Soleil tanning oil, and a round trip, all-expenses paid trip to New York City where she’ll be meeting her one and only idol Casey Stengal, skipper of the World Champ New York Yankees, as well as front row seats for two to see Annie Get Your Gun!


You too can be the coolest cat around just like Mary Lou!  All it takes is for you to fill out a form as to why you should be the Dealership News Spokesmodel of the week!  Don’t forget to send a picture, and oh, by the way, we consider chicks and dudes! Pretty progressive for 1958 eh?


If you can’t find our fish wrap at the nearest mag stand, just email us your pic and quick bio!


If you’re selected you will have the opportunity to audition for us and win $25!


So, put down those cigarettes, pull yourself out from in front of your television set, and find the latest Dealership News near you!  Fame awaits! Today it’s Dealership News, tomorrow, it could be the Uncle Milty show, Look Magazine, or a marriage proposal from a rich Prince Charming!


Winner: Mary Lou Smith


Runners-Up: Tammy Brickhouse, 25 yr.old Secretary from Cleveland, Ohio

Runner Up

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