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The Case Study Corner is Coming to Dealership News!

Now Dealerships have a place to research vendors before the deal is done and vendors have a credible 3rd-party site to display their awesomeness


Reviews can be sketchy, too many trolls and advanced review software programs can sometimes skew the truth. Car dealers need real information when researching new vendors, and can’t just rely on the advice of colleagues or positive reviews they see stacked online. Mistakes in vendor selection can be incredibly costly.


DEALERSHIP NEWS CASE STUDY CORNER will provide a site where car dealers can go to research every kind of automotive vendor under the sun. Each vendor will be provided a page on which to post their case studies.  Dealership decision-makers visiting our Case Study Corner will be able to easily search and find any vendor listed, review the material, and make assessments based on the quality of the content provided.


There are Huge Vendor Benefits

  1. A 3rd party news source on which to list a veritable highlight reel of case studies that is impartial and credible
  2. SEO-optimized case study page that appears in the SERPs during branded and broad-based genre searches (e.g. website developers, CRM, F&I software, sales training) and can be linked to the vendor’s website
  3. Video-based case studies are available that can also be used as a vendor asset off-page
  4. Updated regularly
  5. Reviews included on each page


Let’s make the car dealer’s job a lot easier, send us your case studies and let your successes sell themselves!


To get more information or send in your case studies, please contact:

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