Re-Train Yourself While at Home, Use this Time Wisely

Some folks look at this current situation with a certain degree of apprehension and pessimism. If that’s you, get the hell out of my locker room. Winners step back, gather their wits, look at the “film”, and immediately try and formulate a game winning strategy. Those are the players I like. Let’s all sit down, do some film study and figure out what we can do to be better prepared moving forward. What we all have now is a rare opportunity, financed by the gov’t, to get in front of the chalk board at halftime and plot out our strategy for the second half of the year, and/or our careers.

For many dealerships, traditionally slow at implementing progressive, technological initiatives, they got caught with their pants down not having a digital retailing build out on their websites. Some were able to ad-lib and still close deals, but, depending on location, that was only until the state governments all but closed dealership sales departments. Some progressive stores were and are still actually moving units, experiencing only minor single digit YOY losses! Gamers!

When we all return back to the field, there will be cuts. Everyone won’t make the roster after assessments have been done. You as a salesperson, or you as a vendor may not make the cut. Vendors may lose chunks of their client bases, and dealerships may realize they have too many sales people. Are you prepared for that possibility? You should be.

Prepare for any outcome. Take online courses in web building, sales training, software utilization, get certified via with Google Ad Words or Search, anything you can do to prepare yourself for the second half. The time is ticking and we’re getting ready to get back on the playing field. Get focused, get ready, make some changes. It’s never going to business as usual again. You’ll be better, smarter, more valuable, and more experienced.

Here’s to popping a cork on a winning drive in the second half of this game called life!

Kelly Kleinman

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