Vendor Relations

Kimberly Winberry

Vendor Visibility Packages

As opposed to what most folks consider traditional advertising opportunities, we offer what we call “Visibility Packages”: Beyond banner ads on the site, we go the extra mile to create industry wide visibility for the vendor colleagues who choose to partner with

Our objective is to get our partners in front of their chosen targets, without relying on any single delivery channel; Quite frankly, the amount of impression misrepresentation and email filtering that goes on robs advertisers of hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

We don’t want to give away our secret “visibility” formula which is likely to be imitated (but never exactly duplicated!), so to find out more just contact us at your leisure. Just ask to speak to Kelly.

The Who’s Who in automotive write for our Dealership News blogs.

The Dealership News is extremely fortunate to have a stellar team of bloggers who have “been there and done that” over many years and through many career incarnations. Many of us have fallen into the industry in one way or another, and before we knew it, the years passed, experiences were accumulated, and here we are.
Our blogs are a culmination of those experiences, good, bad and indifferent, but all are geared to help others in the industry as friends and strangers alike look to forge their own paths to success.

Our blog subjects will cover a variety of topics including which software programs are the most effective for everything from reputation management and review monitoring, to CRMs, inventory management and more.  We’ll provide consumer behavior surveys, digital marketing tips, traditional marketing tips, as well as hot trends and cold ends. But most of all, we’ll provide sound advice and best practices, based on our experience, with topics that can help your dealership grow not only in the good times, but in the bad as well.

Our podcasts and vlogs feature the most compelling “Who’s Happening” personalities in the industry today. We interview successful dealers, vendors, sales personnel, marketers, and consultants alike and plan on bringing live event action onto the site as well including shows like NADA, NIADA, SEMA, as well as a variety of eclectic of Auto Shows. It’s going to be educational, fun, and functional.