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Results have shown DealerLeads to be the highest converting vendor for almost every client according to reports generated by Google Analytics. Analytics is the most trustworthy, transparent and unbiased digital marketing reporting available.
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Unbiased Tracking in Google Analytics

Dealerships have been begging for a way to have unbiased apples to apples comparisons of their vendors and Google Analytics is just the ticket. Thanks to this feature, dealers can quickly identify which programs are selling snake oil.

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There is no other program in the market today even remotely similar to DealerLeads. Our proprietary system uses the synergy of over 350 classified sites, local organic content pages, and paid search to deliver the best traffic that the industry has seen. Using the classified sites and research pages to filter out the tire kickers, we funnel the highest quality local buyers directly to your website. How do we know this? We provide the highest level of transparency in the industry. We don’t have a dashboard. Instead, we only use Google Analytics to provide an unbiased analysis of every traffic source and vendor you have.


DealerLeads was founded by Steve Tackett who has almost 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, ranging from working the line to automotive finance to digital automotive marketing. Thanks to this experience, he understands dealerships well enough to craft a truly remarkable program that seeks to marry the car industry with the latest technological advances. In order to create the software solution that would support Steve’s vision for the next generation of digital marketing platforms, DealerLeads took over ten years of planning and four years of development until it was launched in 2015. Since its creation, the company’s nationwide growth has been explosive as dealerships have discovered a revolutionary way to promote their digital marketing efforts.

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Our proprietary 3 channel system delivers the highest converting source of local traffic to your website. Our pricing is success based, with a real performance guarantee.

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“We were so impressed with the transparent, informative reports and traffic that we doubled our budget. This is a no-brainer!”

Internet Manager
Grants Pass Toyota


“They have gone above and beyond to provide the highest quality of traffic and service.”

Jeff Hindla
Marketing Director
Huntington Honda