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Relationship Selling

The EZ Referral Network brings relationship selling back to the car sales process. The EZ Referral Network allows a dealer and your sales staff to easily bring in more repeats and referrals, and network to the people they know and prospect for more business. The use of smart phone mobile sites, personalized websites, customized reporting and electronic payments via debit cards makes it EASY for the dealership and your sales team.


Today’s technology has provided customers with an incredible amount of information. However, lead providers have created an environment that practically cuts out a salesperson like you. It’s no longer about relationships; it’s strictly about price. And while we all know customers like a low price, there’s nothing like having a friend in the car business whom they can trust, that truly makes a customer happy. Plus, happy customers can help you earn higher grosses, and achieve high customer satisfaction.

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Everyone wants a friend in the car business and you’re lucky because you have one. Now there’s an easy-to-use tool called the EZ Referral Network that lets you connect YOUR friends with your friend in the car business. Not only is it easy to use, but you’ll also earn a small referral fee if your friend purchases a vehicle.

Referral Agent

We know that buying a car can be challenging and, although there’s a ton of product information available at customers’ fingertips, there’s nothing like having a friend who sells cars to make the process easier. Thank you for being that friend in the business and having the confidence in our dealership to take care of your referrals as if they were our family members.

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“Years ahead of it’s time. Will surely become the industry standard for survival and optimum profitability!”

Bryan Bornstein


“This is the future of not just this industry, but all retail sales, mark my words.”

Joseph F. Cerillo