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Social Media RoadBlock – 48 hour


Command the entire page!

This will have everyone looking at your ad as they see the articles in this category. All of the ads on this page will display your ads for 48 hours.

What you get with the Roadblock:

Above the Fold:

  • 1 Leaderboard Banner
  • 1 Rectangle Banner
  • 1 Half Page Banner

Below the Fold:

  • 4 Leaderboard Banners
  • 4 Rectangle Banners
  • 3 Half Page Banners

This can only be done twice a month!

Select options$300.00$4,200.00
Select options$275.00$3,900.00
Select options$375.00$5,100.00
Select options$325.00$4,500.00
Select options$225.00$3,300.00
Select options$250.00$3,600.00