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opportunityRespond To Opportunity While It’s Still Opportunity.

For the first time in automotive history, you don’t have to wait for OEM reports or 60 to 90 day old registration data to give you actionable insights for your marketing strategy. It’s all right here. updated daily, thanks to our partnership with Urban Science, so you can pivot on the fly based on current market dynamics. And you can see how your efforts are moving the needle.

Sell CarsKnow Exactly Who Is Selling What, When And Where. Right Now.

See what you and your competitors are selling in a specific radius and ZIP codes around your store. What are the hot sellers this month? Who pumped into your back yard yesterday? Where are you stealing share? What are the top areas of opportunity where you might need to adjust your strategy and targeting?

Intuitive Dashboard
Intuitive Dashboard

You shouldn’t be spending your time trying figure out what the data is saying and what to do with it. We’ve done that for you. The last thing anyone needs is one more tool that makes you work harder than it does.

KPITo Us, Sales Are The Ultimate (And Only) KPI.

If AUTOFLYTE EDGE helps you market smarter, imagine what happens when you partner with AUTOFLYTE to manage your digital marketing. We are bent on helping you move the needle, and the near real-time sales statistics don’t lie. We handle the full digital suite, from SEO/SEM to display, video and social or can manage a-la-carte services based on your needs. We also have a world-class creative team that brings Tier I-level creative to our Tier III clients.

How We Work

  • Fully transparent, partnership approach
  • Maximize your current budget for more efficient spend
  • Optimize in near real time throughout every campaign
  • Recommend updated targeting and tactics based on the data


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