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Christine Littlefield of Flick Fusion Voraciously Verifies Veracity of Video Marketing

The future of advertising is via video and Christine has a handle on why video should be a party of your dealerships overall marketing strategy.…

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Gary LoCicero of Crystal Fusion Technologies Pitches Windshield Shielding!

Crystal Fusion Technologies is not only an incredibly effective windshield up-sell, but it's a great customer retention program as well. The product protects windshields and repels water...but wait, there's more.…

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Steve Roessler Goes Live with Drive in an Interview with DealershipNews.com

VP of Sales Steve Roessler discusses why the DriveCentric CRM should be all dealers "go to" CRM.…

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Interview with Chris Montgomery of Social Ordeals

Meet a guy who built his company from the ground up, he's the King of simplifying off-site SEO via 5 main practices guaranteed to grow your businesses visibility and improve it's reputation.…

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Cory Mosely Takes a Time Out with Dealership News!

Today we were fortunate to spend some time with Corey Mosely, host of Progressive Retail on the CBT Automotive Network to chat about his career and the state of the automotive industry in his eyes. Great energy, great interview.…

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Taking Time with Alan Dickie

We are fortunate to spend a few minutes with Alan Dickie and learn about what makes him tick, and your dealership click! Alan has a wealth of experience and enough energy to light Toronto for 3 hours!…