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Steve "Live With Drive" Roessler of DriveCentric Talks Customer Engagement!

Engaging the consumer properly is the Holy Grail to running a successful car dealership. It's simply a matter of best practices! Hear what Steve had to say on our July Quickcast about Customer Engagement!…

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If Your Name Isn't Tesla, Sales Are Sluggish for Both New & Used Hybrids and EVs

As gas prices remain tolerable for most of the nation, we are seeing the sales of so-called "green" cars begin to slide south. Should you carry hybrids, EVS, PHEVS, and FCEVs on your lot? Understanding the cyclical demand for hybrids and EVs will help you plan your inventory accordingly...Read On…

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June 2018 National Top Ten Selling Dealerships Calendar Month Sales

Here are the Top Ten selling dealerships according to our data feed, based on Calendar Month Sales, which means sales recorded the 1st thru the last day of the month, and not "Sales Month" which can include promotions that extend into the next month OR sales that started in the calendar month but finalized later.…

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Brandin Wilkinson Discusses His New Book "Rethink Selling"

We interview Brandon Wilkinson who has written a book called "Rethink Selling" which is a unique look into the psychology of selling, including how to deal with the mental pressure of being a producer on the sales floor, or in life. The insights are refreshingly...fresh.…

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LMC Cars Bitcoin PR London Motor Company Completes Second Bitcoin Sale in Two Months!

The team at London Motor Company (LMC) celebrated their second ever vehicle sale through the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, earlier this month, having completed their first one back in May of this year.

Blog Research by Stephanie Honn

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The National Dealership Standings

Every month check back to see where you stand! Right now, new car sales are way down and things are looking to get worse. How is your city or dealership doing? Find out here!… By Stephanie Honn…

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5 Distinct Elements to a Properly Organized PPC Campaign

There are many ways to embark on a PPC campaign, but only one way to do it right. There are primarily 5 distinct elements to a properly organized PPC campaign and here they are, in no specific order, your keys to running a great PPC campaign...

Blog Research and Analysis by Stephanie Honn

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COO Tracie Costabile of Dealer Analytics Discusses Google Analytics

COO Tracie Costabile of Dealer Analytics Discusses Google Analytics and why car dealerships are best served having someone transparently report back to them how their website and contracted vendors are performing.…

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America IS Country!

Just a quick check on best-selling EVERYTHING in America and I've come to the conclusion that marketing to the "country" demographic...is a no-brainer.…

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EVs Aren't Quite as Green as Advertised

Although EVs and hybrids are being hailed as green technology, the fact is, that there is very little green about them according to a Swedish study. Although the study is fairly broad, and omits key data sets, it does make a point.…