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PureCars Analysis of Car Dealer Digital Advertising Focus: End of ’20 vs Pre-Covid

PureCars analyzed auto retailer digital advertising spending in three key areas and compared average daily spending presently (end of November) compared with “pre-pandemic” (early March). How are automotive retailers spending on digital advertising at the end of 2020 compared with “pre-pandemic” levels?

  • Overall daily digital advertising spending is up 8% in November
  • Average daily spending on social is up 97% in November
  • Average daily spend on video is up a whopping 162% in November

How are dealer advertising trends different today versus pre-pandemic?

  • Legacy media mix modeling is no longer relevant and dealers are shrinking their appetite for traditional ad buys in favor of newer digital advertising platforms.
  • Being nimble and geo-focused are more important than ever.
  • Customer expectations have changed. Online retailing is now becoming the “new normal” and many customers are quickly adapting to a digital experience of car shopping. As such, advertising and engaging with customers online is also becoming more important.

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