Advertising Media Kit

All Banner Advertising includes:

2 Podcasts per Year
(20-25 minutes  and can be edited into
4 segments  for better UX and exposure over time) 

1 Product/Press Release Video Update per Quarter
(5-7 minutes)

1 Interview per Quarter
(5-7 minutes)

Twice Monthly Co-Sponsorship of Videos or Social Content

1 Category Expertise Video Interview per Quarter

Our Premium Package… is just $479/month!

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Current Stats

• 35-40k Video views/month
• 90-100k Social Media impressions/month
• 51k+ impressions on Facebook posts/ads per month
• 20-25k impressions on LinkedIn posts/ads per month
• 67.21% of audience is mid-senior level management and owners

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Sample Promotional Media

On-Site Video Interviews:


Video Interviews:

Len Short with LotLinx


Data Security for Your Dealership

Kelly Kleinman of Dealership News interviews Matt Arana of Identity Maxx to give you reasons why having some sort of data security and coverage in place in case of a data breach and why Identity Maxx is a preferred source of coverage. Matt covers the exposure that dealerships have and how Identity Maxx covers not only the dealership but offers this coverage for each customer.

Matt Arana at Identity Maxx

For more information, please contact:

Kelly Kleinman

Kim Winberry