Vendor Review Page Advertising

Above the Fold / Below the Fold
Ad Sizes


$420/ MONTH
(Above the Fold)

(Up to 3 Vendor Ads in Rotation)


$275/ MONTH
(Above the Fold)

(Up to 3 Vendor Ads in Rotation)

Half Page

$350/ MONTH
(Below the Fold)

(Up to 3 Vendor Ads in Rotation)

All of our Banner Advertising includes Podcasts, Video Interviews, and Social Media promotion

  • 2 Podcasts per Year (20-25 minutes  and can be edited into 4 segments  for better UX)
  • 1 Product/Press Release Video Update per Quarter (5-7 minutes)
  • 1 Interview per Quarter (5-7 minutes)
  • Twice Monthly Co-Sponsorship of Videos or Social Content
  • 1 Category Expertise Video Interview per Quarter Numbers:

  • 20-25k Video views per month
  • 90-100k Social Media impressions per month
  • 51k+ impressions on Facebook posts/ads per month
  • 20-25k impressions on LinkedIn posts/ads per month
  • 67.21% of audience is mid-senior level management and owners
  • 3k website sessions per week


Perfect for new products, releases or special promotions.

$300 / 48 Hrs


This will have everyone looking at YOU.
Don’t compete with others for attention.

Ads on the category page of your choice will display for 48 hours.


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For more information, please contact:

Kelly Kleinman

Kim Winberry