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CEO of the NIADA: Why 2nd and 3rd Gen Dealers Fail

How the NAIDA Helps 2nd and 3rd Gen Dealership Owners be Successful

It’s commonplace for the children of successful business owners to run the business into the ground. They inherit the business but don’t inherit the struggle and learning curve it took to build the business in the first place and move it forward. According to, 60% of 2nd generation owners, and 90% of 3rd generation business owners tank the business. Steering the ship isn’t the same as building it and knowing how it runs. This is not unusual to the car business and Mr. Robert Voltmann, CEO of NIADA, understands that there are many such owners in his membership body that need the guidance, coaching, and proper direction that his organization is willing to give. This video series gives you insight into the unique leadership skills that Mr. Voltmann exudes as he takes the NIADA into unchartered waters in the hyper-competitive, “Era of the Used Car.”

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