2018 Vendors of the Year
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2018 Vendors of the Year

Congrats to’s Vendors of the Year!


To become a Vendor of the Year, you have to serve our industry with excellence.  Excellence includes not only having an effective platform or service, but great attention to those who have invested in you.  It’s not necessarily the biggest vendors we award this to, rather it’s based on merit. Our staff are Google Analytics Certified and what sets us apart from others is that dealers have allowed us to peek into their Google Analytics. We can see what works and what doesn’t.  This Vendor of the Year for Dealership News isn’t a popularity contest, it’s the real deal!

Data and Marketing Strategy

Autoflyte-Edge Logo
(615) 544-1410

Automotive Vehicle Wraps

Avery Dennison Logo
(800) 282-8379

Analytics Analysis

Clarivoy Logo
(614) 444-4321

Call Center

Cloud One Logo
(360) 737-3600

1st Generation Leads

DealerLeads Logo
(800) 710-0920

Website Design

DealerOn Logo
(877) 543-6321

Conquest Marketer


Referral Networking

EZ Referral Network Logo

Vehicle Service Contracts

Automotive Conference

Rockstar Auto Conference
(269) 775-0002

Automotive Merchandiser

SpinCar logo
(646) 692-3535

Fixed Ops

Fixed Ops Digital
(720) 524-3456

Vendor of the Year

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