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11 Ways to Increase Organic Website Traffic

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an outstanding tool for improving your position on a search engine like Google, and ultimately, for marketing. The digital space is incredibly competitive, and you need to be savvy to compete. There are a few ways you can increase your website’s traffic organically, so you don’t have to overspend for digital dominance. The following article will provide you with that information and allow you to create amazing campaigns and be a top priority on search engines.

1. Use Social Media to Increase Your Traffic – Use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and the like to promote your website and business and raise your company’s profile. These networks allow you to communicate with consumers, create campaigns that can be broadcast over various platforms and can give you content that consumers can further promote by liking or sharing. Social media is a massive platform and just the kind of megaphone your business could use to help push more traffic to your site.

2. Tag People On Social Media – If you’re going to be involved in social media tagging people is a great way to increase your businesses profile. Tagging helps expand the reach of a post, alert people to a deal or campaign, and alerts customers to your post immediately. A tag is hard for someone to ignore and along with a general savvy of social networks is an easy, cheap, and effective way to expand your profile.

3. Adapt As Many Quality SEO Practices As You Can  – Search engine optimization (SEO) is the best way to be a priority search on Google and top of mind for customers. There are ways to optimize your SEO practices and ensure that you are making the most out of it. Focusing on keywords in your titles, meta titles, descriptions, and the like is an excellent way to utilize this tool. Ensuring your website is indexable and optimized for Google bots is another key to succe4. Fill In the Gaps – Outdoing the competition is of massive importance to most businesses including yours. The best way to do that is to see what is missing on the competition’s websites and see how you can exploit those gaps. If a competitor is missing information about a model or warranty information regarding a particular make, you have an opening to include that info in your campaign and on your website. That will give you an edge business-wise and show the public you are on the ball when it comes to selling cars.

5. Insert Internal Links and Encourage External Links – Providing internal links to your content is a straightforward way to boost traffic organically. Anchor text is valuable in internal link building and SEO. Look also to embed a small widget like a social media sharing link or button. That can help increase backlinks, and backlinks improve both SEO and organic traffic.

6. Identify and Eliminate Bad Links – Backlinks are crucial for a higher search engine ranking bad backlinks, however, are a considerable threat. Check your website frequently so that you can find and get rid of bad links. Software like Monitor Backlinks SEO Tool can be used to analyze, remove, and rid yourself of bad backlinks. You will have to tag the bad links, send a request to your webmaster(s), receive the removed alerts, and submit a report to Google Disavow Tool for non-removable links. Once that is all completed you will be clear of bad links and eliminate a significant issue for further website traffic growth.

7. Transparency Is Huge – Car dealerships rely on goodwill and building and maintaining relationships with customers. Transparency has always mattered, but it is incredibly important in today’s day and age of information at your fingertips. One slip up with that transparency or even appearing to be less than frank with your campaign is a great way to alienate and scare off customers. Be truthful and make sure your campaigns have clarity in both message and execution.

8. Always Be Easy to Reach – Being approachable and accessible to your customer base is a big thing. Customer support is crucial, and your website should make it easy for the consumer to reach out if they need anything. Failing to do so could give your company and website a bad reputation, one that will be hard to shake. It never hurt to be there for customers when they need you, lots of companies fail to do that your business does not have to.

9. Embrace Long-Tail Keywords – Widely used keywords known as head terms, are great overall because they describe what your business is and are guaranteed to get clicks. The problem is that they are widely used, and because of that you will not be as likely to be high up on a Google search. However, long-tail keywords which are more specific and niche are a great way to get clicks and visits; for example, if you sell cars then having “new and used cars” as your search keyword is going to run up against a lot of competition. However, if you sell a large quantity and variety of used Chevrolet trucks use that as your keyword. Having a search term that reflects that such as “highest volume of used Chevy trucks” is a much better way to generate clicks and website traffic.

10. Take Advantage of the Metrics – Google Analytics is a great tool to measure the success of your marketing and website. Use the tools you have. It is essential to rely on your gut and instinct, but that can only get you so far, do not underestimate or under-utilize the metrics. Those numbers will give you a lot of information that you will need to be able to expand your website and yield excellent results.

11. Keep Up With the Latest Trends – People catch on to new trends quicker than ever, and trends die out nowadays faster than ever. That means you need to be quick to those trends as well. You may be selling cars, but you are also selling to a culture that demands you to be more than just a business. Make sure you at least know what is going on in Internet culture so that you can not only be in the know but so that you can exploit and use those touchstones for your gain.

Increasing website traffic organically seems like a tough task, but it is not and should not be. These eleven tips will help you accomplish that goal as efficiently and manage-ably as possible.              

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