Diego Martinez and Liz Cardenas with Easy As 123 Speak with Dealership News

Building BDCs, Branding, and Broadcasting is Easy with Easy As 123

We had the pleasure of interviewing Diego Martinez and Liz Cardenas of Easy As 123 and came away with high-value insight into the world of two automotive vets with over 30 years of experience between them. Diego is a dynamic individual, a force of personality if you will, who has done it all in the world of car dealerships. His insight should be taken seriously. Calls are considered high-quality leads. Having an extremely proactive BDC optimizing the phone bank – basically mining gold out of a dealer’s CRM – is exactly how Diego and long-time BDC boss Liz Cardenas approach the business.


Experience Counts

Diego has seen it all, done it all, and quite frankly, knows how to get “it” done. Without hesitation, Diego will guarantee that he will get a dealership more revenue by generating more weekly appointments not only for the sales team, but the service department as well. He’s convinced sales personnel are now order takers. He wants staff to be welcoming, informational, and concerned about a patron’s experience. He believes work ethics have gone out the window. 


He strikes me as one of the most practical professionals I’ve ever spoken to, and I’ve spoken to many. His takes match many of mine, including the absolutely inane practice of answering dealership phones with automated menus. Push here for this, push here for that, leave a message for the sales manager that never gets returned is a huge pet peeve for Diego Martinez.


Professionalism Goes a Long Way

Call him old school if you want, I call him professional. His point that sales personnel worry more about pricing and deal-making than they do caring for a customer and seeing to their needs is a sharp one. His business and interpersonal ethics are strong, and their slate of services reflect the practice they preach in both English and Spanish. 


Key to he and Liz’s success as vendors and you as a dealership, can be traced to how efficient lead handling practices are. Their team will go back to the beginning of a month, identify dozens of leads that for whatever reason were determined to be “stale”, and reaches back out to that lead for re-ignition.


Easy As 123 also focuses on strategic, creative broadcasting of email, newsletters, and social media campaigns with live agents at the end of each and every CTA. Most creatives are done in-house with full knowledge of compliance from all of the major OEMs. That intelligence allows for 24-48 hour turnaround times on creatives and campaign adjustments. 


Interaction on Facebook is one of the key components Mr. Martinez stresses as a key to a dealerships success. Interaction can come from a number of sources including customers and the dealerships very own personnel. Engagement is identified by the FB algorithm and enhanced brand visibility is the result.


To get more in-depth insight from the good folks at Easy As 123, have a listen to our podcast and see why Diego Martinez and Liz Cardenas should be strong considerations for your dealership’s vendor mix!



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