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DealershipNews.com Interviews Austin with Cover Genius at Digital Dealer 27

Kelly Kleinman of Dealership News interviews Austin Ledgerwood of CoverGenius to give you a quick rundown of why you should consider integrating their services into your CRM

Kelly Kleinman: [00:00:00] Kelly Kleinman, dealership news with Austin Ledgerwood, the name of the company is covered genius. Give us a little tempting taste here with a little overview of what goes on in the world of Cover Genius. Absolutely
Austin Ledgerwood: [00:00:11] Absolutely, so Cover Genius is a new way for consumers to acquire insurance products. And what I mean by that is that especially in the mobility automotive spectrum, the ability for a fleet company or a dealer through a DMX or a subscription platform enables them to offer an insurance product that is tailored to that individual consumer, not the general. Hey, here’s a bucket of products that are available to you. And how we do that is through a dynamic API that returns products that are specific to a user. We get to interact in the spaces that all of the automotive wants to be in and provide products, particularly around ensuring the assets or the individuals. That’s really I’ll say it again, customized to that end user.
Kelly Kleinman: [00:01:06] But there’s a lot more to it, isn’t there? There’s so much more. So we’re going to do is we’re going to do a little bit of a podcast that was just a little bit of a tease. This is a great solution for any car dealer. I think you’ve got the customer right there. You may as well get him onto an insurance policy. These guys make it really easy. It’s simplified and it’s really easy to slide someone in. So stay tuned. We’ll be back with some more interesting information soon on our podcast.

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