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Yes, it’s taken a while to get it into circulation, but October will see the distribution of our first edition of Top Closer Magazine arriving at your dealership’s doorstep. Meanwhile, the digital copy resides for all to see right here: Top Closer Magazine

More than anything else, we wanted our first edition to represent the best of the automotive vendor universe. Our job is to present the best in our industry in the brightest possible light, and I believe our mission was accomplished. 

Many thanks to our contributors such as, Fixed Ops Digital, Lotlinx, Lisa Gener, Social Dealer, Max Digital and AutoFlyte. If you are in the car biz you’ll definitely want to spend a little time in your personal library, tool shed, or quarto de baño going through our articles and ads. El Patronn and Jason Geras- ya you guys, thanks for your El Patronnage! Love seeing you at practically every automotive event on earth. There’s a reason why you’re the Bigsters of Brooklyn!

DealerLeads, whose stealthy leader is a modern-day genetic hybrid of a Google Brainiac, the Invisible Man, a hockey hellion, and the Wizard of Oz, all but made the magazine his own platform with some pretty unique and hard-hitting content. For that, we owe him a huge debt of gratitude…literally.

It quickly becomes apparent why some of the most successful and upwardly mobile vendors and influencers are presented between pages 1 and 28 in Top Closer. Rising stars such as Lisa Gener, and Owen Moon, both kindred spirits, touched on some super topical subjects regarding the basics of digital marketing that absolutely need to be mastered by each and every dealer. 

Our pals at SocialDealer brought the goods with a timely vaccination of social media expertise that dates back before social media became anti-social medial! Sam Bolda at Lotlinx and her incredible patience are much appreciated. Len and Jason are lucky to have her, and it’s their kind of professionalism and strategic thinking that has the company approaching near-earth orbit.

Hats off to Steve “Live with Drive” Roessler who was the first vendor to grab an ad! He’s become a great friend to the site and is a huge asset to DriveCentric and the industry as a whole. He, like Sean Kelley is a networker par excellence, always willing to help, always has our back – he’s terrific.

Sean Kelley, Sean Kelley, Sean Kelley. If there is any more humble, giving, and an inspired guy in the industry I’d like to meet him or her. Sean has been there from the beginning, putting us in touch with some of the finest folks in the business and contributing insightful blogs on demand! He’s one of a kind! He filled our tanks with a thousand gallons of RP-1 on the launch pad and Steve Roessler added the liquid hydrogen to get us airborne. 

Special thanks to my staff here at Kim Winberry, Brian Beauchamp, Spanky, Alfred, and Babe. Kim did the layout and provided graphic elegance as well as smash mouth, in your face, ad layouts. ENJOY!

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