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AET Media and Wizely Collaborate to Streamline Automotive Advertising

Denver, CO, and Waterbury, VT, (January 17, 2020)– AET Media and Wizely have created a single product solution to provide their joint customers in the automotive industry appealing and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) compliant digital advertisements. AET provides an advertising asset design and generation capability that allows for at-scale delivery of unique, visually appealing advertisements. Wizely provides a Co-op reporting and Pre-approval automation platform that allows advertisements to get OEM approval and reimbursement at scale with minimal effort as well as an advertising audience creation product that uses dealership DMS data to generate audiences.  Together, this collaboration delivers a scalable platform that simplifies and automates the delivery of OEM compliant advertising across the automotive industry. The two companies will present this product at NADA 2020 (Feb 13), providing demos for those interested in simplifying their advertising needs.

OEM compliant advertising within the automotive industry can be extremely difficult to navigate due to ever-changing regulations and monthly program changes.  AET Media allows customers to create visually attractive advertisements effortlessly with OEM compliant advertising creative, disclaimers and campaigns built into the platform. The easy to use ad creative tool means it is no longer necessary to be a graphic designer to create eye-catching ads like the one shown. Users also have access to audience targeting and messaging that is completely customizable to their needs. Once the ad is designed and targeting established, the ad created is directly uploaded to the company’s social media account(s); making AET’s platform a single tool for ad creative, ad copy, audience targeting and deployment.

Wizely’s products pair perfectly with the AET platform. Wizely Co-op Accelerator automates the creation of OEM compliant co-op reporting and also provides the capability for clients to track co-op budgets compared to spend so that co-op spending can be closely managed. Wizely Pinpoint allows clients to use their own first-party data to target consumers with relevant and timely advertising.

“I’m really excited about this partnership.” said James Grace, Founder of Wizely. “Every month our industry faces the challenge of quickly building attractive and OEM compliant visual advertisements, targeting them to the right customers and getting co-op approval and reimbursement. The combined AET and Wizely platform solves this problem with an unprecedented level of speed and scalability that we think will be attractive both to dealerships and agencies.”

The combined AET and Wizely  product offering is “The easy-button for OEM compliant automotive advertising,”reducing the time from idea to launch from weeks to hours by automating all of the time-consuming elements of creating OEM compliant campaigns. Through this partnership, joint customers can count on competitive pricing and operational alignment, ensuring that campaigns are managed cohesively from concept through pre-approval, design, and co-op reimbursement.

About AET Media
AET Media is an advertising tech agency that has merged big data and design. We help companies produce data-driven advertising at scale. Our AET Ad Studio 2.0 allows advertisers to quickly create custom social & display ads while cutting creative costs, & utilizing built-in safeguard features to ensure your ads are compliant. Each offer comes with pre-scoped audiences powered by Oracle Data Cloud & IHS Polk, and the ability to add-on Wizely’s Pinpoint solution for clients to leverage their own first-party data.  AET’s Ad Studio empowers companies to adapt to their audience, evolve their brand, and transcend sales. 

Jeff Gonzales
(469) 585-4862

About Wizely
Wizely is a digital marketing company focused on the intersection of advertising, analytics and product development. The company was founded on the principle that clients shouldn’t have to choose between state-of-the-art ideas and impacting their business in measurable ways they understand. Clients are able to use data and analytics to develop truly targeted marketing and advertising campaigns, using people-based marketing techniques. Wizely is about putting knowledge, experience, and capability into practice to benefit all clients. 

James Grace
(248) 979-4474

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