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Hurricane Winds Create Windfall for Car Dealers

Along with 180 mph winds, flood damage, home destruction, and disease, Hurricane’s Harvey and Irma were also the cause behind the effect of a very large increase in car sales. It’s estimated that nearly one million cars were totalled during the twin typhoons. In a bizarre case of “right place, right time”, car dealers who could find resource to stay open or reopen quickly profited well.

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Online Dating and Buying a Used Car

The two are actually more alike than you think!…

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Auto Sales 2017-2021

Forecast by Bank of America Merrill Lynch article 6-17-17…

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The Keys to Driving Drivers to Your Dealership is in the Google Search Engine

No one can deny the Google Search Engine and those who manipulate it the best.…

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What is Automotive Leads?

A New Twist on Lead Gen for Used Car Dealers That Works.…

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Used Car Dealers Slugging It Out on the Web

Ignorance of Digital ABC’s and Susceptibility to Cheap Options Hurts Dealers.…