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What is DealerLeads?

What sets DealerLeads apart from all other vendors in automotive marketing is a massive 350 site-strong syndication network of behaviorally targeted classified sites that drive large volumes of traffic and leads directly to a client’s websites OR rings their phones. There is no sharing of leads, all leads are 1st generation and in the form of organic traffic routed to the dealer’s very own VDPs. It’s truly a revolutionary approach based on Google Best Practices, search engine queries and then applying that data to build the perfect network of classified listing sites such as and hundreds more. The reason this model can’t be reproduced easily is because the company actually owns over 3,000 such search-term based domains. No one else does. The traffic is organic, contains great 1st generation leads and is driven to each individual dealer whose inventory is perused and hopefully, clicked.


Is it Affordable?

It’s an affordable solution that works far better and more cost-effectively than any lead gen system we know of. Who wouldn’t want their inventory on as many highly trafficked sites as possible with the sole purpose of selling cars at a much faster clip? Listing sites can tend to get pricey and the transparency can be not so clear. We’ve found that a majority of used car dealers aren’t exactly sure what their ROI is with the bigger more expensive listing sites that will go unmentioned in this blog.


Keeping up With Buyers Shopping Habits

Generally speaking, DealerLeads is a great way for dealers to increase online traffic, generate more leads, improve conversion ratios, and increase sales through proper and effective dealership SEO and SEM. Search engine optimization is the key to sustaining a successful business in today’s online world. The bulk of dealership shopping today is done online, as this is where the majority of prospective buyers begin searching for their next vehicle. With the majority of consumers relying on the Internet for pertinent car buying information no dealer can afford to be without a well-developed and well-executed SEO and supporting PPC plan. The better your dealership’s website layout, social media presence, keyword lists, content, and online reputation the more online traffic you will receive, the greater your conversion opportunities will be, and the more sales you will ultimately make.


Kelly Kleinman

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