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Click Dealer Shares Stats

Click Dealer’s partnership with leading live chat provider, Visitor Chat has seen as many as 187 retailers sign up for the cutting-edge customer interaction software since they joined forces back in January.

Visitor Chat is the most widely used provider of dealer live chat in the UK, providing its solution across more independent and franchise locations collectively than any other chat provider.

These days consumers expect answers immediately online and on average, Click Dealer clients who have signed up for the live chat upgrade have seen an increase in web leads of anything between 50%-60%.

As part of the live chat enhancement to their websites, Click Dealer customers can benefit from the expert Visitor Chat team pro-actively engaging website visitors, answering simple questions and passing leads through to their sales team.

Once Click Dealer has integrated Visitor Chat’s ‘chat box system’ into a dealership’s website, dealers just need to sit back and enjoy the enquiries being professionally handled on their behalf by automotive industry trained online chat experts.

As part of the popular package dealers receive a monthly report detailing how many enquiries Visitor Chat handled on their behalf and also the number which were passed through to their sales staff. Through Click Dealer’s advanced integration, the leads from live chat conversations also drop directly into the company’s market leading DMS product, for dealers who are with them for both website and DMS packages.

For dealers who prefer to retain more control of their own leads, Visitor Chat offers the opportunity to handle your own chats through their latest software, for those who aren’t comfortable with an external company professionally handling potential inbound sales.

Click Dealer Director and Head of Web, Ollie Moxham said:” The enormous initial success of our Visitor Chat website upgrade comes as no surprise, given that consumers expect instant responses online in this day and age.

“We’re thrilled to be partnered with such an innovative company as Visitor Chat and despite the popularity of our websites, DMS and online retailing platform, ClickEngage™, we’re under no illusions that providing live chat is essential to enhancing the consumer journey for car buyers.

“The Visitor Chat solution provides an industry leading chat – lead conversion rate of 64%, 12% higher than any other live chat competitor product we’ve seen.”

Visitor Chat Chief Executive, Robert Arthur, said: “Live Chat provides the convenient answers that consumers want, while also adding significant benefits to the staff and bottom line of dealerships.

“Web customers are drawn to the prospect of real-time responses, all accessible from the dealer’s web platform and available at the convenience of the customer.

“The result is that the dealers we work with see a significant uplift in the number of leads coming from their websites.

Since signing up for Click Dealer’s Visitor Chat upgrade at the start of 2018, Saxon Bridge Car Superstore have seen a much larger volume of web leads and significantly improved their efficiency.

Brett Whiles, Managing Director said:” Live chat integration through Click Dealer and Visitor Chat has enabled us to manage a larger volume of leads and become more efficient in the way we do it because they automatically drop into our Click DMS.

“Our recent expansion into a new Milton Keynes Car Superstore site means that we now have over 700 vehicles, and our stock generates a lot of interest.

“Without the leads dropping into the DMS, it would be tough to manage everything ourselves, the Visitor Chat agents do a great job and as always, Click Dealer made the whole process easy to setup.”

With close to 200 dealerships already utilising Visitor Chat across the Click Dealer network, resulting in the creation of many thousands of additional monthly leads, the numbers make a clear point: live chat is a strong lead generation tool and 24-hour customer access to an instant support channel is resulting in many more opportunities for Click Dealer clients to turn web visitors in to paying customers and that can only be a good thing.

As well as the successful partnership with Visitor Chat, Click Dealer has also been working hard on the development of ClickAssist™, to support its award-winning online used vehicle retailing platform, ClickEngage™.

ClickAssist™, is designed to offer a higher level of support for customers buying online using the ClickEngage™ platform. In the future, Click Dealer hopes to offer expert support from FCA approved automotive specialists via web chat and telephone at a crucial phase of the consumer journey. This would then enable ClickAssist™ to provide the ultimate freedom to the consumer whilst always keeping the dealership in complete control.

Click Dealer anticipates that ClickAssist™ will launch by the summer of this year and is currently trialing the product with its dealer BETA testing group.

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