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Dealership News: Top 2 Automotive Vendors of the Year Award

There are a heck of a lot of vendors serving the automotive industry and a lot of really good ones to boot. We’ve done our research, compared reviews, and made a few calls to determine customer satisfaction. We decided that our top 2 picks for 2017 are truly the cream of the crop, medium-sized operators. So without further ado, here are our top 2 vendors for 2017! ( In no particular order)


The entire concept of DealerLeads is to provide as much organic traffic to their dealership base as possible. Essentially, they do things to deliver superior results that tend to be beyond the ken of dealership level SEO talent. Steve Tackett, the owner of DealerLeads has an understanding of SEO garnered over 20+ years of working with dealerships that is very hard to rival. For example, the shear volume of backlinks he generates for his clients would astound the late Carl Sagan it’s so astronomical.

This next anecdote may sound like an advertisement, but to those at DealerLeads, it’s a real problem. By July of 2017, the company had literally over-delivered some $,1,650,000 worth of lead traffic it will never collect on. That problem has apparently been solved.

Leads that dealers receive are actually enveloped within a flow of organic traffic that consists of a higher percentage of “likely” buyers based on legit conversion metrics. Those leads are aggregated via a stack of practices that include research pages, on-site SEO, tens of thousands of back-links, and placement on up to 350 behaviorally targeted (O&O) classified sites with domains based on popular “exact match” search engine queries. Serious buyers are much more likely to click on domains that match what they type into the search engines. For example: Used Cars Near Me as a domain would be

DealerLeads also builds websites that are harmoniously in-tune with Google’s best practices and rank much higher in local searches than their competitors do. The company also offers ppc management for those who are seeking instant visibility or page dominance with no management fee attached. In the bang for the buck and customer satisfaction categories DealerLeads is definitely in the lead.

DealerLeads: 5-Star, 1st-time winner of the Dealership News: Vendor of the Year!

Social Ordeals

This vendor is not specific to the auto industry but provides a long list of dealerships with an inexpensive package of off-site SEO services that get serious results. It’s impossible to to find anything less than a 5-star review for this company. Chris Montgomery, the President of Social Ordeals brags that their rate of client retention is an astounding 97%, which not only sounds impressive but is impressive because it’s factual.

They offer listing distribution updates to over 300 listing sites which basically guarantees that your store will always be listed with the proper contact information online, where it counts the most. Most dealerships have incorrect info on dozens of listing sites and don’t realize that they get penalized by Google for such infractions. Social Ordeals also offers social media management for a fraction of the cost of most other vendors, and that includes managing FB ad campaigns as well. They focus primarily on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Social Ordeals has in-house ppc account managers, all of whom are former Google employees and certified Google AdWords specialists. Chris’s staff has seen it all and done it all within the Google platform as they manage hundreds of thousands of dollars of daily AdWords budget. WTS, perhaps the most intriguing service they offer is their reputation management/marketing suite of services.

They employ a software that automatically surveys dealership customers, filters out any reviews that are less than 5-stars, and prompts those who write 5 star reviews to post those good words on a variety of review sites from Yelp to Google Plus, to Facebook, DealerRater and more. Their account managers respond to all reviews that are internally generated in order to make sure that all customer concerns are addressed, be they favorable or not so favorable. After 5 years of operation, and running one of the tightest operations in business today, Social Ordeals wins for itself and its customers.

Social Ordeals: 5-Star, 1st-time winner of the Dealership News: Vendor of the Year!

Kelly Kleinman/Content Director

Dealership News


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