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Automotive Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season For Under $100!

It’s that time of the season for gift giving so I thought I’d list a handful of cool, not so commonly considered technology for your and your loved ones!

The Frizione Dash Cam:

Is there a better way to record a road trip or have videographic record of a car accident, bigfoot sighting, or other unexpected experience for under $100?

Here are the specs:

Dual Channel, WEATHERPROOF rear camera: 4.0″ full HD 1080P 170 degree front camera + VGA 120 degree rear camera, obtain full lane coverage, shows the things more and can switch among back lens/front lens/both front and back lens display. When backing your car, the rear camera will automatically open reverse image. Open HDR can make the scenery more clear, more three-dimensional,more beautiful color, can better reflect the real environment of the visual effect.

The Bridgestone Auto Emergency Kit:

What a great way to show someone you care! Hey, we all get a flat tire, or break down at some point in our driving experience so why not be prepared for the inevitable. It’s a great gift for drivers of all ages. Here’s what you get:

12 volt tire inflator

12 foot booster cable

Reflective triangle, LED headlight and Batteries

27 pc first aid kit

Blanket, gloves, poncho, screwdriver, tire gauge, duct tape and more

The Ryobi 10” Orbital Buffer:

As a former limo detailer, I can vouch for the fact that having an orbital buffer is by far the best way to apply wax to any vehicle. For those of us living in hot climates, paint surfaces get fried and soon wear out. The wax that’s applied at the local car wash is practically useless and coats the windshield. For those DIY enthusiasts, an orbital buffer is perfect to help maintain the look and value of your vehicle. Aside from wax application and buffing, a 10” orbital buffer is AMAZING and fixing sore backs by relaxing the muscle spasms in seconds!

Here are the Specs: The RYOBI 18V ONE+™ 10 in. Orbital Buffer is a brand new addition to the RYOBI 18V ONE+™ System. This tool provides up to 2,500 RPMs for a swirl-free finish while offering the user cordless convenience. With a powerful motor, this buffer maintains optimum performance during extended use. The 18V ONE+™ 10 in. Orbital Buffer runs up to 90 consecutive minutes with the 18V ONE+™ LITHIUM+™ High Capacity Battery (P108 – sold separately). The RYOBI 18V ONE+™ 10 in. Orbital Buffer works with any 18V ONE+ battery and is a part of the ONE+™ System of over 50 great tools that all work with the same 18V battery platform.

The Dronemobile App:

When it’s cold outside, remote start your engine using the DroneMobile app and stay connected to your car in a way that you never knew was possible. The last thing you want to do on a sub zero morning is to sit in a frozen car and wait for it to kick in the heat. This app takes makes life just a little bit more convenient! Dronemobile gives you the power to start and/or track vehicle from your smartphone and your smart watch.

Well, there you have it! 4 great gift ideas that I firmly believe anyone would find out of the ordinary and useful! There is something to be said for gifts with functionality, they just keep on giving!

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