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Vehicles With the Best Gas Mileage for 2018

Depending on where you live, you may be enjoying relatively low gas prices. Here in California, they’re seemingly as high as they’ve ever been. Of course, that’s because California tends to over-charge, over-tax, and under-deliver on everything and anything when it comes to governance.

Gas prices are lowest in conservative states with the lowest taxes. Hence, Texas is easily where the most “muscle cars” are sold followed by Florida, Georgia, Arizona, and Oklahoma. Texas gas prices are always low for the obvious reasons so they’re more of anomaly rather than a factor to include when measuring fuel costs in one’s budget when selecting a vehicle for purchase or lease.

It’s a prudent decision to look for a combo of great gas mileage and comfort when choosing a vehicle for yourself or your family. The Obama fuel efficiency initiative put into motion an industry wide mandate to increase mileage per gallon standards and we’re seeing the effect of that cause in 2018.

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