Google Analytics in 2019
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Get the Most Out of 2019 With Google Analytics

Another year is in the books.  How did your dealership do? If you’d like an even better 2019, you need look no further than your own Google Analytics.


Provided you have optimized your Analytics by setting a variety of important Goals, Analytics has all the information you need to make 2019 your most lucrative year ever.  From how well your website is working, to how well your vendors are performing, to avenues of missed revenue opportunity, there is almost nothing Analytics can’t tell you.


Want to send out mailers?  Check out the highest converting cities in your Analytics and micro-target your outreach to save money and create the highest return on your spend.


Want to get the most eyes on your digital ads as possible?  Your Analytics can tell you the days and times that visitors are most active so you don’t waste money running ads that no one will see.


Want to run a contest and give away a Samsung tablet as a prize?  Check which devices your website visitors are using. If most are coming in via Apple products, you might want to rethink your prize.


Want to cut vendor expenses?  Use your Analytics to evaluate which vendors are meeting their promises regarding traffic levels and lead submissions.  Keep the best, boot the rest.


Our industry is facing much uncertainty this year, and many dealers are understandably concerned.  Don’t be shy in 2019! Take the year by the proverbial lapels and shake it up. Be bold. Use the hard data in your Analytics to plot your course.  This is your year to shine!


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