Goal is 20 Cars

My Goal is 20 Cars This Month!

You know who says this? The guy who sells 7 cars a month.
I always get a kick out of these beginning of the month sales meetings where everyone gives their goal for the month. Salespeople boldly shout out goals of 20-25-30 cars this month. The salesperson who in 2 years has never hit double figures in sales, confidently declares “I will sell 27 cars this month”! For a store that consistently sells 150-175 cars a month, if everyone hit their goal, 650 cars would be sold this month.
I was asked once by my manager what my goal was for the month. I replied, “What’s yours”?
My response threw him for a loop. I could tell he wasn’t expecting my question back. “What do you mean”, he asked?
I repeated “What is your goal? My goal is based off of your goal. The inventory is low, 70 cars on the lot. Are you going to go get more inventory? What’s our advertising plan and budget? Is he going to be aggressive in getting deals or pass on them? Will he have the same sense of urgency in getting a deal done as me or wait until last day of the month and after they already bought”?
Now, you may think I am being negative. In a sense, you are correct. But I am also being realistic. I take my goals seriously. Do you want me to tell you what you want to hear or what I want to do? If you want me to tell you a Ali Reda number, I will tell you 190 cars. If you want my real goal, I can do that too. Its up to you.
Don’t worry. My goal will be set high enough that I will have to bust arse to hit it.
Setting a number does not mean you will achieve it. Unless you have a plan. Unfortunately, your plan will be depended on others too.
Your goal is for you. Its personal. Set it for you. Not others.

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