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Udelv Launches a New Generation of Autonomous Delivery Vehicles

Udelv Launches a New Generation of Autonomous Delivery Vehicles Developed on Baidu’s Apollo Autonomous Driving Software Platform


  •   The newly designed autonomous delivery van (ADV), which features patent-pending automated cargo space, will make a debut at CES 2019
  •   Up to 100 Udelv ADVs will be deployed in 2019 for last and middle-mile delivery on public roads in several cities throughout the country, including the San Francisco Bay Area
  •   Udelv’s self-driving technology is developed on the main modules of the latest Baidu Apollo 3.5 open-source autonomous driving software, which supports complex urban and suburban driving scenarios


SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA Udelv, a world leading autonomous delivery van (ADV) company, announces today the release of its second-generation world-class self-driving delivery vehicle, dubbed the Newton™, developed on the main modules of Baidu’s latest Apollo 3.5 open-source software platform.


Udelv’s Newton™ model, which will officially be released at CES 2019, will feature a redesigned patent-pending automated cargo space that contains an adaptive shelving space mechanism. The new design was informed by the more than 1,200 automated deliveries completed by Udelv in the San Francisco Bay Area in the second half of 2018. Designed for last- and middle-mile delivery, the Newton™ can carry up to 32 customer orders at a time.


Baidu’s latest and most advanced Apollo 3.5 open-source autonomous driving software is a key component of Udelv’s autonomous delivery system. New Apollo features include:


  •   Ability to perform in complex urban driving scenarios, including the ability to manage unprotected turns, speed bumps, clear zones, side passes, and autonomous parking
  •   Compatibility with the most advanced suite of sensors, including the Velodyne LiDARs, the Argus FSD-Link camera and Continental’s long-range radars
  •   The Apollo Extension Unit (AXU), which lets developers plug-in additional accelerators such as GPU and FPGA modules and SSDs to expand the computation capabilities and storage capacity of the platform


Up to 100 Udelv ADVs will be deployed in 2019 for customers who have ordered the vehicles. The first units of the new generation of ADVs will be deployed in San Mateo, CA, Surprise, AZ and Houston, TX during the first half of 2019. Udelv is already taking pre-orders for 2020.



The SAE Level 4 ADV will be capable of driving autonomously over short- and medium-range distances at speeds up to 60 mph within store or distribution facility catchment areas of up to 400 square miles.


Udelv CEO, Daniel Laury, said “The rapid deployment of Autonomous Delivery Vans (ADV) enables retailers to make cost-effective deliveries and improve customer experience. Udelv’s first-of-its-kind ADV will be a critical enabler of the growth of the e-commerce sector.



“By using the modules of Baidu’s latest Apollo 3.5 software for our autonomous technology, we shortened our development cycle, accelerated innovation and facilitated our ability to scale. Baidu’s Apollo brings us one step closer towards realizing our mission of reinventing delivery by bringing autonomous vehicles to the e-commerce industry. We’re excited to continue working with Baidu by implementing its technology into the future of self-driving delivery vehicles.”


Jingao Wang, Head of the Apollo Platform at Baidu, said “Udelv’s next generation ADV is a prime example of Apollo accelerating innovation and utility in the autonomous driving industry. With continued development of our Apollo software platform, we are enabling companies, both large and small, to quickly develop their own autonomous driving systems.”


The collaboration follows strong traction from Udelv in the delivery space, having recently announced major deals with several large retailers and about to announce new ones that will lead to deployment in several states throughout 2019.


In addition to grocery deliveries, Udelv’s vans, which are the world’s most advanced, have already been used to make numerous deliveries for retailers in various industries, including restaurants, florists, bakeries, auto parts and more in the San Francisco Bay Area.


“We’ve tested and proven our capability to successfully address the delivery market for Americans. We’ve successfully completed over 1,200 automated deliveries on public roads on behalf of various types of merchants. Udelv is now ready to work closely with America’s largest retailers to bring convenience and savings to hundreds of thousands of people,” said Laury.


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About Udelv: Enabling E-Commerce

Udelv is revolutionizing transportation with its Autonomous Delivery Van (ADV), built specifically for last and middle-mile delivery on public roads. Founded in California in late 2016 by Daniel Laury and Akshat Patel, Udelv is on a mission to reinvent delivery and shape the future of autonomous driving.

In January 2018, Udelv successfully accomplished the first ever autonomous delivery on public roads. Since then, Udelv has completed more than 1200 deliveries for multiple merchants in the San Francisco Bay Area and is planning for expansion in several other states.

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