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Newcomer Rockstar Auto Conference Reinvents Conference Experience

 Portage, MI, February 13, 2019 — There is a new conference in town! The Rockstar Auto Conference is named the 2018 Vendor of the Year by Dealership News for the Automotive Conference Category.


In only the second year of its inception, The Rockstar Auto Conference has been recognized for its innovative approach to presentation and training for those in automotive with a nod from one of the industry standards. The Automotive Conference Category has many worthy contenders, and such recognition is impressive, especially for a young company.


From the beginning, the focus of Rockstar has been to break the conference mold and engage the attendees in a way no other experience could. The upstart began strong in 2016 with speakers such as Grant Cardone and a special session from Gary Vaynerchuk and has continued to offer that level of access to rockstar level sales, leadership, and marketing pros. The most recent panel was a star-studded event with several of the presenters receiving individual awards in their fields this year. Many professionals have been to similar events where such talent was on display, but Rockstar attendees are treated with an entirely different experience.



“Our conference movement was formed with the belief that we can make the auto industry a better place for both the consumer and the dealer, which is why we decided to lead the change through education and personal growth.”



What makes the Rockstar Auto Un-Conference Event stand apart from the others? Founder Mat Koenig explains, “The reason Rockstar resonates with people is that we are focused on helping people create a new quality of life. When we help them do that, it makes them better leaders, better marketers and better sales people because they’re excited about going to work again with their new skills.” Speakers are encouraged to let their guard down and present candidly on the challenges and triumphs they have encountered while offering immediately applicable content. Audience members are engaged and met with real life scenarios and implementable strategies useful to their business and personal goals. The Rockstar Auto Un-Conference Event is a fast-paced, intense immersion peppered with rock and roll, excitement, and access to personal development opportunities unlike any other. Its intent is to not only give much needed information to automotive professionals, but also help revive and stimulate their passion.


Offered as multiple events throughout the nation for more opportunity to attend, Rockstar is very accessible, but the experience does not stop after attendees leave the venue. To keep the intensity and zeal, online opportunities as well as mini-events for continued cultivation are offered. Attendees and presenters are connected to each other via the Rockstar Automotive Wolfpack online social network for sustained, incomparable support, accountability, and more.


Founder Chris Speer expresses Rockstar’s ultimate goal, “Our conference movement was formed with the belief that we can make the auto industry a better place for both the consumer and the dealer, which is why we decided to lead the change through education and personal growth.” Aspirations that this event is well on its way to achieving.


For additional information, contact Chris Speer or Mat Koenig at (269) 775-0002 or


About Rockstar Auto Conference

The Rockstar Auto Conference was founded in 2016 by Mat Koenig and Chris Speer to offer life changing experiences to automotive professionals. At the Rockstar Un-Conference Events attendees learn how to create a winning culture in their dealerships, from hiring, training and coaching to leadership and sales development. Some of the best leaders, marketers, brand builders and game changers in the country present on subjects such as building a rockstar brand and buyer based culture. The Rockstar Auto Conference strives to improve the auto industry and lead the change for consumers and dealers alike through education and personal growth.

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