And We Shall Overcome….Objections!

Zig Ziglar said it Best. Every sale has five basic obstacles: No need, No money, No hurry, No desire and No trust.


As we well know, customers have an arsenal of objections, so it’s important and fitting, that we have an equally strong arsenal of word tracks to overcome them. I’ve compiled some from my personal stash, in no particular order.


Share some of yours with our readers and remember, “Always Be Learning” if you plan to “Always Be Closing!”



I’m looking to pay around $200/Month

No problem! We have vehicles to fit every need and budget and I’m here to help find the right vehicle for you! If you don’t like the car, it doesn’t matter how low I can get your payment. follow me!


Begin qualifying the customer and point them towards 1-2 options. It’s imperative that you ask the right questions, walk the lot with them and stay in control, while taking cues from your customer. remember, too many choices can be your kryptonite.



I’m just looking…

Awesome! I’m just selling! What are you looking to buy today? 😬(laugh – it will break the ice) once they land on a vehicle, say “Follow me! Turn around and walk them inside to grab the keys. Create a sense of ownership with a quality walk around and test drive.



What is my rate going to be?

Unfortunately, I don’t decide the rates, the bank does. My job is to make sure you LOVE your next vehicle and get you the BEST DEAL POSSIBLE. If you’d like, I can get you “pre-qualified” while we take a test drive…(grab credit app)



Is this going to take long?

My goal is to make your purchase as easy as possible, but typically the process takes about 2 hours. If you don’t have that kind of window available today, we can complete your paperwork and schedule your delivery when it’s convenient for you. I want to make sure you are


“Completely Satisfied” with your purchase experience.



What’s your best price? I’m shopping every dealer in town and I’ll buy from the dealership with the lowest price.

Mr./Mrs. Customer, I understand that you are looking for the BEST VALUE on your next purchase and I wouldn’t expect you to do business with me, if I wasn’t able to provide you with a BETTER VALUE than my competition. At ABC Dealer, we not only have a “Low Price Guarantee,” but we offer a complimentary “VIP Concierge Package” with every vehicle purchase. (If internet lead, proceed to ask for the appointment…”I’d Love to Tell You More! Would 12:45 or 3:15 Work better for you today? )(Always Assume the Appt) In either case, mentioning your “VIP Concierge” will get them off the topic of price and asking questions about what it includes….


I Need to Think About It.

I completely understand that you want to make the most educated decision for your family and budget, so how much time do you need? (Let them answer) It’s been my experience that customers don’t make a purchase decision for 3 reasons: Not the Right Dealership, Not the Right Vehicle or Not the Right Price. Just so I can better understand your needs, which of these situations applies to you? (Tip: 9/10 Times You will NOT make a sale without getting some kind of an objection – it’s up to you to uncover the #truth)


I have 3 days to change my mind, right?

I want to make sure that you don’t have any regrets about your purchase, so let’s make sure this is the right vehicle for you, before we go any further. The 3 day policy only applies to door to door solicitors or in home sales. Now, is there a reason that you would change your mind? This is a tricky one and some dealers DO offer these kinds of guarantees now, so always make sure you have the facts…your primary goal here is to uncover any objection that would prompt such a question.


How much do I have to put down?

Typically, the bank likes to have a vested interest from the customer in order to qualify for the best possible rate; this is ideally 20% of the purchase price, but the bank makes those decisions, not me. Let’s find the right vehicle and then, we can work together to find the best financing options for your needs and budget.



I have to talk to my Spouse before I can buy anything.

I completely understand. Let’s take the car to them! If they decline that, Let’s Call Them! If that doesn’t work, put a flipping dealer plate on the car and get THEM to take it to their spouse! LOL. If all else fails, chuckle and say, “Well, I don’t have to talk to MY spouse to sell it you….(Remember To Always Break the Ice) If the numbers make sense to you, you’d be willing to discuss it with them today, right? Nod your head, Yes. They will Nod With You. I Promise.



KBB/Nada/Edmunds/My Sister’s Best Friend’s Cousin….said my trade was worth THIS much.

Now, this should never become an issue if you’ve done a PROPER silent walk around of the trade….WITH THE CUSTOMER, silently touching and pointing out the items you can deduct for such things as worn tires, dents, body damage, dash lights, etc…this provides you with an acceptable explanation for WHY they are getting less. If they continue to be combative, even after you’ve put ALL the money on the table…use these word tracks, “Mr./Mrs. Customer, unfortunately those are just guides and don’t account for market adjustments, etc. My suggestion may be to sell your vehicle on your own. However, I know your time is VALUABLE and it takes even the NICEST vehicles 6-8 weeks to sell online. If I could get you another $100/200/300 for your vehicle and SAVE YOU TIME, as well as the trouble of having perfect strangers show up to drive your vehicle you would purchase mine today…yes?


Be Kind, Never Take things Personally and Stay the Course. Get a Commitment. Sell a Car.

Michelle McLain CEO/Founder DealerDASH I Can Sell Cars in Stilettos

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