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5 Tips for Company Holiday Parties

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Industry insights from Innovative Auto HR. Here’s Sandy Zannino.

Sandy Zannino:
Hi, everyone. And happy December. Welcome to another mini episode of “Auto Dealer HR, Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That.” It is one of my favorite times of the year. Christmas is coming. And with it comes one of my other favorite things… parties. Anyone that knows me knows how much I love parties. I’m always the first one and the last one on the dance floor.

Sandy Zannino:
And I really do love holiday work parties. It’s a time to dress up, relax, have some fun, and celebrate the year’s accomplishments with the people that we spend the majority of our time with. As much fun as company parties can be, they can also come with some risk for the company. I recently read an article where there were companies surveyed and only 65% were planning on having a holiday party this year. This is kind of in response to #metoo. So if your organization is having a party this year, I thought I’d bring you my top five tips for safe, fun and sane company Christmas party. You can also do a Google search and find plenty of articles on this topic, but these are my top five.

Sandy Zannino:
1. Limit the alcohol. Don’t have an open bar. One idea is to give one drink ticket and then have a cash bar.

Sandy Zannino:
2. Designate someone or a few someones depending on how many people you have attending to be the key taker. For those partiers who may not be able to drive safely.

Sandy Zannino:
3. Think about setting up in advance some alternate modes of transportation, Uber, Lyft, good old fashioned taxis. These are a couple ideas.

Sandy Zannino:
4.Think twice before making your party a mandatory event. I’ve had this question recently. Remember that mandatory usually means compensable.

Sandy Zannino:
5. Make sure your managers understand that although they may be off the clock and at a social event, they and their actions still represent your company.

Sandy Zannino:
So I hope you found something valuable in this mini episode of “Auto Dealer HR, Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That.” And feel free to share if you did. As always, wishing you a happy day. And see you next time.

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