Hyre Car Innovation of the Year

Hyre Car Wins Innovation of the Year for 2019

Dealership News has named “Hyre Car”, fronted by long-time, industry automotive executive Brian Allan, the “Automotive Industry Innovation of the Year for 2019.”

Creates Jobs and Solves the Issue of Dealership “Lot Rot”

Hyre Car is a unique platform that utilizes new and used dealership inventory to create a  revenue source that not only provides flow for dealers off of slow-moving units but individuals looking to make a side or full-time income as well with insurance included in the cost. 

The benefits of Hyre Car extend beyond the dealership, by providing the community with new job opportunities for rideshare drivers who may also have a need for transportation themselves for any number of reasons. The vehicles can be bought on a rent for purchase basis for those who may not have the credit or down payment to make a straight purchase. Private parties can also rent out their vehicles as well.

Uber Climbs Onboard

Uber has joined Hyre Car as a strategic partner to provide potential and current drivers quality transportation in which to ply their trade and drive income. As Uber moves forward in the new mobility paradigm, a relationship with Hyre Car is an absolute slam dunk. 

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Kelly Kleinman:
Hello from Southern California. This is the podcast where we bring you the new and old school insight into the business of selling cars and service. So you have the foresight to grow your dealership and stay ahead of the competition. I'm Kelly. Kleinman. Here is our show.

Kelly Kleinman:
Hello Kelly here in my secret, vacation lair located deep in the back country of Ventura County, home to jack rabbits, rattlesnakes, cougar, raccoons, wildfires and a glut of subpar plastic surgeons, bidding one at all. Happy holidays. Welcome to our quick cast. I'm happy to have the next one hundred and twenty seconds Plus, Brian Allen. He is the senior V.P. of HyreCar, a truly unique opportunity for car dealers to monetize vehicles both new and used as they sit on a lot. In my humble opinion, this is by far the single most innovative plan to conquer the automotive universe that I've heard of in the last couple of years hence. Brian, you are the Innovation of the Year for 2019, Congrats.

Brian Allan:
Holy mackerel there.

Brian Allan:
Well, thank you very much. Very kind.

Kelly Kleinman:
Yeah, well, I mean, it speaks for itself. It's it's very progressive. And I think that's what we strive to do here in the in the industry is come up with some progressive solutions that work. Brian, if you will. What was the genesis, the idea? Tell us what the companies accomplished this year and then what do we have in store for us in 2020?

Brian Allan:
Well, the original genesis of HyreCar was simply to solve a problem that existed. And that was there were a number of people that wanted to drive for Uber, Lyft or food and package delivery services, and they didn't have a qualifying vehicle. And rental car agencies traditionally will not rent to a ride hailing driver or for commercial purposes. So two gentlemen founded the company on an original basis of peer to peer. Andy and Abby are the two original founders. And what they did was they simply secured a very unique insurance platform to insure these drivers and rent peer to peer. So if you think of the AirBnB business model, they were connecting vehicles that drivers needed vehicles for ride share and package delivery with people who own vehicles that had an extra car in the garage. And then the business grew so fast, the peer to peer was not solving the supply problem. So I joined the company from a dealer perspective and OEM perspective and said, let's get vehicle supply from large dealers and fleet owners. And that's basically what's happened. And frankly, we're the leading source by far on supplying vehicles to those that need to rent them for commercial purposes such as ride hailing and package delivery.

Kelly Kleinman:
And you should note real quick background for those that don't don't know you. Brian, real quick background, you've got a pretty good one.

Brian Allan:
Well, it's been a lot of fun. My background is retail general manager Galpin Motors.

Brian Allan:
And I oversaw the luxury and the Japanese division of Mazda and me. I was there since eighty five on my was almost 40 years. I retired last year and invested in HyreCar and then became a part of the team. And it's an absolute blast because I love dealerships. And this is another model to help dealerships build revenue with resources they already have.

Kelly Kleinman:
Yeah, it's a total no brainer. By the way, those of you who aren't familiar with Galpin Ford, it's a tiny little Ford dealer out in L.A. in the corner of nowhere. It's the biggest Ford dealership in the world. Brian, congratulations. Looking forward to working with you in 2020 and getting some more automotive news that we can all use. Appreciate it. Have a great holiday and congrats again.

Brian Allan:
Well, thank you for the recognition and amazing show. And I love what you do.

Thank you very much. Take care.


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