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Car Dealers Should Really Get Classified

New car dealers have a far greater understanding of new media mechanisms and how to take advantage of technology.

* Who has a better chance of being seen, a person standing in line getting a Dodger Dog,
or someone hovering over the pitcher’s mound 200 feet in the air?

* Does a car dealers inventory stand a better chance being seen on a single website
or on 350 websites that all link to that dealer’s website?

We all know the answers to these loaded questions. Currently, there is only one such network of classified listing sites in existence. 300+ dealers take advantage of this network because it works like gangbusters. Like all sales, it’s basically a numbers game and with inventory listings on 350 classified listing sites outside of a single dealer site, the numbers quickly begin to favor the dealers who have joined. These aren’t just any listing sites, these are based on a very unique theme. The development of this listing network was born out of one man’s obsessive practice of buying domain names based on behaviorally targeted Google automotive search terms. Yes, you read it correctly. Steve Tackett is the visionary who built this very unique and productive platform from scratch. He just so happens to own over 3,000 such domain names! No one can compete because he’s bought just about every combo of automotive search terms known to man!
The benefits of participating in such a network are as follows:

Huge lift in traffic

Increase in leads

Increase in Sales

SEO lift based on backlinks alone from each site

Huge increase in visibility

With prospects of a downturn in auto sales looming, indie dealers have to start paying a lot more attention to being competitive online and in the right ways. This article outlines two glaring ways dealers are wasting their time and resources and one brilliant opportunity to get their trains back on the tracks. New car dealers have a far greater understanding of new media mechanisms and how to take advantage of technology. Used car dealers operate with a lower marketing IQ and are often easy marks for cheap marketing solutions that masquerade as effective digital marketing strategies but are no more than facades sold to them by used website salesmen and misdirected High School students who “know social media”.
Hey, you learn something new every day, and you just did!

Kelly Kleinman

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