National Dealership Standings

Cincinnati’s National Dealership Standings – July 2019

The standings are based on calendar-month sales, which means sales recorded the 1st thru the last day of the month, and not “Sales Month” (which can include promotions that extend into the next month OR sales that started in the calendar month but finalized later on). This way we level the playing field to see how each dealership is doing in that particular month only.  

RankBrandDealership NameJuly 2018July 2019% Difference
1ChevroletMcCluskey Chevrolet, Inc.24927711.24%
2HondaPerformance Kings Honda249234-6.02%
3ToyotaKings Toyota1972033.05%
4HondaJeff Wyler Honda of Colerain212193-8.96%
5HondaJeff Wyler Honda1741750.57%
6ToyotaKerry Toyota1711741.75%
7HondaPerformance Honda177157-11.30%
8ChevroletJake Sweeney Chevrolet186141-24.19%
9HondaHonda East1361370.74%
10ToyotaJoseph Toyota of Cincinnati1351371.48%
11ToyotaPerformance Toyota169136-19.53%
12HondaGermain Honda of Beavercreek1101187.27%
13ToyotaWalker Toyota116105-9.48%
14ChevroletMike Castrucci Chevrolet Sales, Inc.971047.22%
15KiaJeff Wyler Kia8810418.18%
16ChevroletJeff Wyler Chevrolet109103-5.50%
17SubaruSubaru of Kings Automall115103-10.43%
18HondaMatt Castrucci Honda112101-9.82%
19NissanJeff Wyler Kings Nissan809822.50%
20ChevroletJoseph Chevrolet13495-29.10%
21ToyotaBeechmont Toyota93952.15%
22ChevroletVoss Chevrolet, Inc.819213.58%
23HondaJoe Morgan Honda10291-10.78%
24SubaruSubaru of Beechmont9291-1.09%
25NissanJeff Wyler Nis/Cincinnati84907.14%
26HondaSuperior Honda11088-20.00%
27HondaWhite-Allen Honda758716.00%
28NissanJeff Wyler Nissan Fairfld9086-4.44%
29ChevroletJeff Schmitt Chevrolet East9183-8.79%
30KiaJake Sweeney Kia698320.29%
31KiaJeff Wyler Fairfield Kia658226.15%
32NissanJeff Wyler Nissan11975-36.97%
33KiaKings Kia68748.82%
34SubaruJoseph Subaru73730.00%
35SubaruSubaru of Dayton68725.88%
36ToyotaVoss Toyota7771-7.79%
37HyundaiSuperior Hyundai North65707.69%
38ChevroletWhite-Allen Chevrolet536930.19%
39SubaruBusam Subaru69690.00%
40AcuraColumbia Acura406460.00%
41HyundaiColumbia Hyundai9263-31.52%
42HyundaiSuperior Hyundai South366169.44%
43NissanMatt Castrucci Nissan58580.00%
44ChevroletHirlinger Motors, Inc.425428.57%
45ChevroletColumbia Chevrolet6354-14.29%
46ChevroletTom Gill Chevrolet7853-32.05%
47LexusPerformance Lexus48528.33%
48KiaMatt Castrucci Kia265092.31%
49ChevroletBob Pulte Chevrolet, Inc.4948-2.04%
50Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz of Ft. Mitchell384826.32%
51NissanJeff Schmitt Nissan, Inc.5948-18.64%
52ToyotaMarshall Dry Ridge Toyota6948-30.43%
53CadillacCamargo Cadillac Company344738.24%
54LexusPerformance Lexus Rivercenter384621.05%
55ChevroletJeff Schmitt Chevrolet South5745-21.05%
56GMCBorcherding Buick GMC394515.38%
57HyundaiKerry Hyundai264573.08%
58JeepJeff Wyler Chrysler Jeep Dodge5545-18.18%
59JeepKings Dodge Chrysler Jeep6145-26.23%
60KiaSuperior Kia324540.63%
61MazdaJeff Wyler Mazda4543-4.44%
62MazdaKings Mazda6842-38.24%
63ChevroletKelsey Chevrolet LLC4941-16.33%
64JeepJeff Wyler Chrysler Jeep Dodge Truck-Ft Thomas4541-8.89%
65JeepJake Sweeney CJD4840-16.67%
66KiaCronin Kia5640-28.57%
67GMCHolman Motors, Inc.333918.18%
68Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz of Cincinnati223872.73%
69GMCJeff Wyler Florence Buick GMC263742.31%
70JeepZimmer Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram4536-20.00%
71JeepLebanon CDJR036#DIV/0!
72NissanKerry Nissan, Inc.4734-27.66%
73NissanBusam Motor Sales, Inc.4934-30.61%
74AudiThe Audi Connection3634-5.56%
75GMCFiehrer Motors, Inc.31336.45%
76HyundaiVoss Hyundai33330.00%
77JeepNorthgate Chrysler Dodge Jeep, Inc.4932-34.69%
78KiaKia of Beavercreek1632100.00%
79HyundaiKerry Hyundai of Florence4631-32.61%
80ChevroletPiles Chevrolet & Buick, Inc.223036.36%
81Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz of West Chester163087.50%
82RAMPerformance Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Centerville630400.00%
83BuickJoseph Buick-GMC Truck, Inc222931.82%
84AcuraSuperior Acura of Dayton3429-14.71%
85BuickKerry Buick GMC162875.00%
86ChevroletKerry Chevrolet, Inc.242816.67%
87GMCKerry Buick GMC527440.00%
88MazdaJake Sweeney Mazda6626-60.61%
89MazdaJeff Schmitt Mazda152673.33%
90InfinitiInfiniti of Cincinnati3925-35.90%
91JeepPerformance Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Centerville3225-21.88%
92RAMNorthgate Chrysler Dodge Jeep, Inc.142578.57%
93RAMZimmer Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram192531.58%
94RAMLebanon CDJR025#DIV/0!
95AcuraSuperior Acura3425-26.47%
96BMWBMW of Cincinnati North2423-4.17%
97LexusLexus of Dayton4123-43.90%
98MazdaKerry Mazda of Florence182327.78%
99CadillacVoss Village Cadillac, Inc.202210.00%
100ChevroletLarkin Cobb Chevrolet Buick GMC182222.22%
101HyundaiSuperior Hyundai of Beavercreek2920-31.03%
102JeepMt. Orab Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram2420-16.67%
103RAMJeff Wyler Chrysler Jeep Dodge Truck-Ft Thomas142042.86%
104RAMMt. Orab Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram2120-4.76%
105BuickBob Ross Buick-GMC3219-40.63%
106BuickBorcherding Buick GMC151926.67%
107ChevroletBush Auto Place17185.88%
108MazdaMatt Castrucci Mazda2018-10.00%
109RAMJake Sweeney CJD18180.00%
110AudiAudi Dayton1917-10.53%
111BuickMark Sweeney Buick GMC91677.78%
112BuickJeff Wyler Florence Buick GMC2016-20.00%
113CadillacThomson-MacConnell Cadillac, Inc.2416-33.33%
114JeepJeff Wyler Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Lawrenceburg16160.00%
115AudiAudi Cincinnati East141614.29%
116BMWThe BMW Store1915-21.05%
117BuickReichard Buick GMC, Inc.111536.36%
118GMCJoseph Buick-GMC Truck, Inc2315-34.78%
119GMCBill Delord Buick GMC101550.00%
120Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz of Centerville14157.14%
121RAMJeff Wyler Chrysler Jeep Dodge1151400.00%
122RAMJeff Wyler Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Lawrenceburg81475.00%
123CadillacJeff Schmitt Cadillac1413-7.14%
124InfinitiInfiniti of Dayton2213-40.91%
125VolvoVolvo Cars Cincinnati North111318.18%
126BuickHolman Motors, Inc.1312-7.69%
127RAMKings Dodge Chrysler Jeep2312-47.83%
128MitsubishiWalker Mitsubishi-Oh101220.00%
129BuickBill Delord Buick GMC511120.00%
130CadillacJeff Wyler Cadillac2011-45.00%
131InfinitiInfiniti of N. Kentucky011#DIV/0!
132RAMMarshall Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram101110.00%
133ChryslerZimmer Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram71042.86%
134ChryslerPerformance Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Centerville61066.67%
135DodgeJeff Wyler Chrysler Jeep Dodge10100.00%
136GMCBob Ross Buick-GMC2310-56.52%
137MaseratiMaserati of Cincinnati61066.67%
138MitsubishiJake Sweeney Mitsubishi010#DIV/0!
139Alfa RomeoJake Sweeney Alfa Romeo-Fiat29350.00%
140BMWVoss Village BMW109-10.00%
141BuickFiehrer Motors, Inc.8912.50%
142GMCMark Sweeney Buick GMC169-43.75%
143CadillacJoseph Cadillac98-11.11%
144ChevroletJerry Haag Motors, Inc.228-63.64%
145ChryslerKings Dodge Chrysler Jeep198-57.89%
146DodgeMt. Orab Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram48100.00%
147VolvoVolvo Cars Cincinnati East178-52.94%
148ChevroletTom Tepe Autocenter, Inc.770.00%
149DodgeLebanon CDJR07#DIV/0!
150DodgeJake Sweeney CJD197-63.16%
151GMCBush Auto Place4775.00%
152GMCReichard Buick GMC, Inc.87-12.50%
153BuickTom Tepe Autocenter, Inc.26200.00%
154JeepBatesville Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep, Inc660.00%
155MazdaJake Sweeney Mazda West156-60.00%
156ChryslerNorthgate Chrysler Dodge Jeep, Inc.115-54.55%
157ChryslerJeff Wyler Chrysler Jeep Dodge85-37.50%
158ChryslerLebanon CDJR05#DIV/0!
159DodgeJeff Wyler Chrysler Jeep Dodge Truck-Ft Thomas4525.00%
160DodgeNorthgate Chrysler Dodge Jeep, Inc.115-54.55%
161JeepSvg Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram135-61.54%
162RAMWilmington Auto Center Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram25150.00%
163ChryslerMt. Orab Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram3433.33%
164ChryslerJake Sweeney CJD64-33.33%
165DodgeZimmer Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram74-42.86%
166DodgePerformance Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Centerville94-55.56%
167JeepMarshall Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram104-60.00%
168JeepWilmington Auto Center Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram104-60.00%
169BuickPiles Chevrolet & Buick, Inc.330.00%
170BuickLarkin Cobb Chevrolet Buick GMC53-40.00%
171CadillacBill Delord Buick GMC63-50.00%
172ChryslerMarshall Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram63-50.00%
173DodgeWilmington Auto Center Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram13200.00%
174DodgeKings Dodge Chrysler Jeep330.00%
175DodgeSvg Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram330.00%
176GMCLarkin Cobb Chevrolet Buick GMC13200.00%
177SprinterFyda Freightliner Cincinnati, Inc.13200.00%
178BuickBush Auto Place42-50.00%
179BuickJerry Haag Motors, Inc.02#DIV/0!
180ChryslerJeff Wyler Chrysler Jeep Dodge Truck-Ft Thomas92-77.78%
181ChryslerJeff Wyler Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Lawrenceburg220.00%
182JeepMann Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep of Maysville, LLC220.00%
183RAMBatesville Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep, Inc52-60.00%
184RAMSvg Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram220.00%
185FiatJake Sweeney Alfa Romeo-Fiat92-77.78%
186GenesisGenesis of Montgomery02#DIV/0!
187Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo of Cincinnati31-66.67%
188ChryslerBatesville Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep, Inc51-80.00%
189DodgeMarshall Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram61-83.33%
190RAMMann Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep of Maysville, LLC21-50.00%
191FiatJake Sweeney CJD01#DIV/0!
192CadillacBush Auto Place00#DIV/0!
193ChevroletHerb Kinman Chevrolet, Inc.150-100.00%
194ChryslerMann Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep of Maysville, LLC00#DIV/0!
195ChryslerWilmington Auto Center Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram20-100.00%
196ChryslerSvg Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram10-100.00%
197DodgeJeff Wyler Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Lawrenceburg10-100.00%
198DodgeBatesville Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep, Inc00#DIV/0!
199DodgeMann Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep of Maysville, LLC00#DIV/0!
200Land RoverLand Rover Cincinnati00#DIV/0!
201Land RoverLand Rover Dayton00#DIV/0!
202JaguarJaguar Cincinnati90-100.00%
203JaguarJaguar Dayton20-100.00%

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