Kansas City
National Dealership Standings

Kansas City’s National Dealership Standings – July 2019

The standings are based on calendar-month sales, which means sales recorded the 1st thru the last day of the month, and not “Sales Month” (which can include promotions that extend into the next month OR sales that started in the calendar month but finalized later on). This way we level the playing field to see how each dealership is doing in that particular month only.  

RankBrandDealership NameJuly 2018July 2019% Difference
1ToyotaMolle Toyota, Inc.206195-5.34%
2ToyotaHendrick Toyota Merriam222182-18.02%
3HondaHonda of Olathe170168-1.18%
4ToyotaLegends Toyota12916326.36%
5ChevroletMolle Chevrolet, Inc.12915318.60%
6ToyotaOlathe Toyota13114510.69%
7SubaruVan Subaru7813066.67%
8ToyotaJay Wolfe Toyota1171289.40%
9ChevroletCable-Dahmer Chevrolet, Inc.10511913.33%
10JeepOlathe Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram123118-4.07%
11HondaJay Wolfe Honda141117-17.02%
12HondaLee's Summit Honda118114-3.39%
13HondaLegends Honda971069.28%
14ToyotaAdams Toyota Lee's Summit9610610.42%
15SubaruOlathe Subaru115100-13.04%
16ToyotaCrown Toyota10495-8.65%
17ChevroletCable-Dahmer of Kansas City9692-4.17%
18ChevroletHendrick Chevrolet Shawnee Mission9189-2.20%
19HondaHonda of Tiffany Springs11289-20.54%
20SubaruLee's Summit Subaru708825.71%
21ChevroletMcCarthy Chevrolet8986-3.37%
22KiaLawrence Kia738617.81%
23HyundaiReed Hyundai1983336.84%
24ChevroletMcCarthy Chevrolet Lee's Summit10882-24.07%
25LexusHendrick Lexus Kansas City9182-9.89%
26ChevroletVan Chevrolet Cadillac80800.00%
27KiaCable Dahmer Kia of Lees Summit428090.48%
28JeepReed Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram627622.58%
29JeepLandmark Dodge Chrysler Jeep69758.70%
30KiaShawnee Mission Kia8175-7.41%
31RAMOlathe Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram667513.64%
32JeepGladstone Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram9374-20.43%
33ChevroletRoberts Chevrolet Buick586613.79%
34MazdaPremier Mazda426657.14%
35KiaOakes Kia064#DIV/0!
36ChevroletHeartland Chevrolet416353.66%
37KiaBob Sight Independence Kia356380.00%
38AcuraJay Wolfe Acura6661-7.58%
39ChevroletReed Chevrolet, LLC8861-30.68%
40HyundaiNorthtowne Hyundai6160-1.64%
41JeepState Line Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram55597.27%
42NissanState Line Nissan, Inc.315990.32%
43NissanMcCarthy Olathe Nissan395746.15%
44JeepVictory Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram6256-9.68%
45BMWBaron BMW5453-1.85%
46GMCRandy Curnow Buick GMC, Inc.50536.00%
47HondaO'Neill Honda12953-58.91%
48NissanNissan of Tiffany Springs053#DIV/0!
49DodgeState Line Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram345047.06%
50MitsubishiJeremy Franklin Mitsubishi46508.70%
51NissanHendrick Nissan Kc344944.12%
52GMCReed Buick GMC, Inc.414714.63%
53Mercedes-BenzAristocrat Motors254788.00%
54NissanNissan of Lee's Summit047#DIV/0!
55RAMVictory Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram404717.50%
56AudiKansas City Audi4842-12.50%
57ChevroletMcCarthy/Morse Chevrolet5142-17.65%
58HyundaiMcCarthy Hyundai6342-33.33%
59NissanNissan of Legends041#DIV/0!
60RAMLandmark Dodge Chrysler Jeep5241-21.15%
61GMCRobert Brogden's Olathe Buick GMC Inc.8640-53.49%
62MazdaEddy's Mazda of Lee's Summit4140-2.44%
63VolvoPremier Volvo Cars Overland Park344017.65%
64ChevroletDale Willey Automotive37395.41%
65RAMGladstone Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram5638-32.14%
66HyundaiMcCarthy Olathe Hyundai5337-30.19%
67Land RoverLand Rover Merriam4936-26.53%
68AudiAudi Shawnee Mission213566.67%
69JeepLee's Summit Chrysler Jeep Dodge3735-5.41%
70MazdaTumminia Mazda3635-2.78%
71GMCCable-Dahmer Buick GMC243441.67%
72ToyotaRolling Hills Toyota5234-34.62%
73GMCDave Cross Motors3433-2.94%
74RAMLee's Summit Chrysler Jeep Dodge193373.68%
75HyundaiLaird Noller Hyundai253124.00%
76BMWBMW of Kansas City South233030.43%
77HondaDale Willey Honda030#DIV/0!
78MazdaNorthtowne Mazda3930-23.08%
79KiaOlathe Kia4026-35.00%
80LexusHendrick Lexus Kansas City North3226-18.75%
81Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz of Kansas City926188.89%
82InfinitiInfiniti of Kansas City2625-3.85%
83CadillacCable Dahmer Cadillac of Kansas City182433.33%
84BuickRobert Brogden's Olathe Buick GMC Inc.8123-71.60%
85HondaRolling Hills Honda3023-23.33%
86MitsubishiNorthtowne Mitsubishi142257.14%
87RAMReed Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram622266.67%
88ChevroletLotspeich Automotive2320-13.04%
89DodgeLandmark Dodge Chrysler Jeep3920-48.72%
90GMCAlbright Buick GMC Cadillac920122.22%
91GMCCable Dahmer Buick GMC of Kansas City172017.65%
92JeepReed Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram3020-33.33%
93MitsubishiLawrence Mitsubishi020#DIV/0!
94ChryslerOlathe Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram18195.56%
95GMCRoberts-Robinson Chevrolet Buick GMC, Inc.111972.73%
96GMCWestfall GMC Truck, Inc.111863.64%
97JeepHeartland Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram18180.00%
98KiaAnderson Kia141828.57%
99NissanRolling Hills Nissan2518-28.00%
100RAMHeartland Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram131838.46%
101ChevroletHenry Martens Chevrolet Buick GMC111645.45%
102ChevroletRoberts-Robinson Chevrolet Buick GMC, Inc.16160.00%
103BuickDave Cross Motors715114.29%
104CadillacVan Chevrolet Cadillac91566.67%
105DodgeOlathe Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram2415-37.50%
106RAMReed Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram2215-31.82%
107BuickCable Dahmer Buick GMC of Kansas City714100.00%
108BuickCable-Dahmer Buick GMC121416.67%
109GMCDale Willey Automotive1814-22.22%
110RAMLandmark South, Inc.2014-30.00%
111DodgeGladstone Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram2113-38.10%
112DodgeVictory Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram1613-18.75%
113JeepAirport Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram013#DIV/0!
114RAMSpeedway Chry-Dodge-Jeep Inc1413-7.14%
115BuickDale Willey Automotive11129.09%
116BuickRandy Curnow Buick GMC, Inc.91233.33%
117JeepLandmark South, Inc.3312-63.64%
118MitsubishiOakes Mitsubishi101220.00%
119ChevroletLang Chevrolet-Buick-GMC311266.67%
120ChryslerVictory Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram1511-26.67%
121ChryslerReed Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram61066.67%
122JeepDale Willey Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram010#DIV/0!
123BuickReed Buick GMC, Inc.279-66.67%
124GMCConklin Fangman129-25.00%
125GMCLotspeich Automotive199-52.63%
126JeepSpeedway Chry-Dodge-Jeep Inc109-10.00%
127MazdaLaird Noller Mazda109-10.00%
128MitsubishiAnderson Mitsubishi7928.57%
129BuickRoberts-Robinson Chevrolet Buick GMC, Inc.6833.33%
130GMCHenry Martens Chevrolet Buick GMC48100.00%
131BuickRoberts Chevrolet Buick37133.33%
132ChevroletRandy Curnow Chevrolet Buick GMC4775.00%
133Alfa RomeoNorthtowne Alfa Romeo and Fiat of Kansas City36100.00%
134CadillacConklin Fangman136-53.85%
135ChryslerGladstone Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram116-45.45%
136ChryslerLandmark Dodge Chrysler Jeep126-50.00%
137JaguarJaguar Merriam4650.00%
138RAMRandy Curnow Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram5620.00%
139AcuraJay Wolfe Acura of Overland Park05#DIV/0!
140BuickLotspeich Automotive105-50.00%
141ChevroletLewis Chevrolet Buick75-28.57%
142ChryslerLee's Summit Chrysler Jeep Dodge4525.00%
143ChryslerSpeedway Chry-Dodge-Jeep Inc15400.00%
144DodgeReed Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram75-28.57%
145DodgeReed Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram65-16.67%
146RAMNew Century Dodge Chrysler Jeep Inc4525.00%
147BuickAlbright Buick GMC Cadillac114-63.64%
148ChryslerState Line Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram74-42.86%
149DodgeHeartland Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram64-33.33%
150DodgeLee's Summit Chrysler Jeep Dodge174-76.47%
151FiatNorthtowne Alfa Romeo and Fiat of Kansas City74-42.86%
152GMCLang Chevrolet-Buick-GMC440.00%
153RAMHughes Automotive Inc64-33.33%
154BuickConklin Fangman93-66.67%
155BuickRandy Curnow Chevrolet Buick GMC03#DIV/0!
156GenesisGenesis of Lawrence03#DIV/0!
157JeepRandy Curnow Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram93-66.67%
158RAMState Line Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram53-40.00%
159RAMAirport Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram03#DIV/0!
160RAMDale Willey Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram03#DIV/0!
161BuickHenry Martens Chevrolet Buick GMC220.00%
162BuickLang Chevrolet-Buick-GMC12100.00%
163CadillacAlbright Buick GMC Cadillac12100.00%
164CadillacDale Willey Automotive32-33.33%
165CadillacLotspeich Automotive12100.00%
166ChevroletBanner Coulson Chevrolet02#DIV/0!
167DodgeLandmark South, Inc.112-81.82%
168DodgeDale Willey Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram02#DIV/0!
169GenesisGenesis of St Joseph02#DIV/0!
170GMCRandy Curnow Chevrolet Buick GMC62-66.67%
171SprinterKansas City Freightliner Sales, Inc.220.00%
172BuickLewis Chevrolet Buick110.00%
173ChevroletKindred Chevrolet Inc.111-90.91%
174DodgeAirport Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram01#DIV/0!
175JeepHughes Automotive Inc31-66.67%
176JeepNew Century Dodge Chrysler Jeep Inc21-50.00%
177MaseratiMaserati of Kansas City21-50.00%
178Alfa RomeoAristocrat Motors80-100.00%
179ChryslerHeartland Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram10-100.00%
180ChryslerHughes Automotive Inc00#DIV/0!
181ChryslerLandmark South, Inc.40-100.00%
182ChryslerNew Century Dodge Chrysler Jeep Inc10-100.00%
183ChryslerRandy Curnow Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram20-100.00%
184ChryslerReed Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram50-100.00%
185ChryslerAirport Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram00#DIV/0!
186ChryslerDale Willey Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram00#DIV/0!
187DodgeHughes Automotive Inc10-100.00%
188DodgeNew Century Dodge Chrysler Jeep Inc00#DIV/0!
189DodgeRandy Curnow Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram00#DIV/0!
190DodgeSpeedway Chry-Dodge-Jeep Inc50-100.00%

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