National Dealership Standings

Denver’s National Dealership Standings – July 2019

The standings are based on calendar-month sales, which means sales recorded the 1st thru the last day of the month, and not “Sales Month” (which can include promotions that extend into the next month OR sales that started in the calendar month but finalized later on). This way we level the playing field to see how each dealership is doing in that particular month only.  

RankBrandDealership NameJuly 2018July 2019% Difference
1ToyotaAutonation Toyota Arapahoe5185424.63%
2ToyotaMountain States Toyota438434-0.91%
3SubaruSchomp Subaru30535817.38%
4ToyotaGroove Toyota350334-4.57%
5SubaruAutonation Subaru Arapahoe2853098.42%
6ToyotaStevinson Toyota West381290-23.88%
7HondaRalph Schomp Honda304272-10.53%
8SubaruGroove Subaru260255-1.92%
9ToyotaStevinson Toyota East269244-9.29%
10SubaruMike Shaw Subaru2202304.55%
11HyundaiArapahoe Hyundai229219-4.37%
12ToyotaLarry H. Miller Toyota Boulder243218-10.29%
13JeepAutonation Chrysler Jeep West216194-10.19%
14SubaruAutonation Subaru West229190-17.03%
15SubaruValley Subaru of Longmont16518210.30%
16ChevroletJohn Elway Chevrolet15018020.00%
17HondaKuni Honda206179-13.11%
18BMWSchomp BMW of Highlands Ranch1631651.23%
19JeepAutonation Chrysler Jeep Arapahoe205158-22.93%
20LexusStevinson Lexus of Lakewood164157-4.27%
21HondaAutonation Honda 104159145-8.81%
22SubaruFlatirons Subaru153142-7.19%
23HondaMile High Honda156139-10.90%
24BMWBMW of Denver Downtown8412650.00%
25HyundaiMcDonald Auto Group Hyundai9012437.78%
26ToyotaStapp Interstate Toyota, Inc.173121-30.06%
27ToyotaEhrlich Toyota148115-22.30%
28AudiAudi Denver118114-3.39%
29MazdaSchomp Mazda6511170.77%
30RAMChristopher's Dodge Ram Inc7110953.52%
31NissanEmpire Lakewood Nissan110105-4.55%
32HondaPlanet Honda117102-12.82%
33RAMAutonation Dodge Ram Arapahoe6310261.90%
34ChevroletMedved Chevrolet112100-10.71%
35NissanTynan's Nissan Inc6710049.25%
36JeepAutonation Chrysler Jeep Broadway11299-11.61%
37RAMBrandon Dodge On Broadway829920.73%
38LexusKuni Lexus of Greenwood Village94973.19%
39ChevroletEmich Chevrolet9896-2.04%
40HondaHonda of Greeley729430.56%
41LexusStevinson Lexus of Frederick9693-3.13%
42AudiAudi Flatirons819011.11%
43MazdaGroove Mazda82909.76%
44Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz of Littleton698827.54%
45RAMJohnson Auto Plaza Inc80878.75%
46RAMJohn Elway Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram80867.50%
47JeepPrestige Chrysler Dodge Jeep Inc.8685-1.16%
48Land RoverLand Rover Denver9385-8.60%
49Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz of Westminster578142.11%
50KiaMedved Kia457975.56%
51JeepLarry H. Miller Colorado Jeep77770.00%
52JeepLarry H. Miller Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram 104th10676-28.30%
53ChevroletStevinson Chevrolet West, Inc.8074-7.50%
54SubaruGreeley Subaru567432.14%
55SubaruSubaru of Loveland8972-19.10%
56VolvoMcDonald Volvo Cars627216.13%
57GMCWeld County Garage, Inc.8171-12.35%
58HyundaiSchomp Hyundai7370-4.11%
59KiaEhrlich I-25 Kia597018.64%
60GMCAlpine Buick GMC64686.25%
61GMCTranswest Buick GMC406870.00%
62HyundaiPlanet Hyundai7367-8.22%
63JeepAutonation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Southwest9863-35.71%
64NissanLarry H Miller Nis Arapah6963-8.70%
65AcuraCourtesy Acura9162-31.87%
66MazdaMcDonald Mazda South57628.77%
67MazdaMcDonald Mazda West6461-4.69%
68ChevroletLen Lyall Chevrolet, Inc.416046.34%
69HyundaiAutonation Hyundai 104536013.21%
70VolvoRickenbaugh Volvo, Inc.406050.00%
71AudiPrestige Audi6359-6.35%
72GMCAutonation Buick GMC Park Meadows485820.83%
73ChevroletGhent Chevrolet Cadillac435732.56%
74JeepPollard Jeep of Boulder7657-25.00%
75KiaPeak Kia8555-35.29%
76ChevroletEd Bozarth #1 Park Meadow Chevrolet, Inc.9154-40.66%
77KiaArapahoe Kia7753-31.17%
78JeepJohnson Auto Plaza Inc7451-31.08%
79NissanValley Nissan, LLC7850-35.90%
80ChevroletCentury I Chevrolet, Inc.5049-2.00%
81ChevroletAutonation Chevrolet North5347-11.32%
82HondaFrontier Honda Ltd.5846-20.69%
83HyundaiCrossroads Hyundai2246109.09%
84RAMPrestige Chrysler Dodge Jeep Inc.354528.57%
85GMCJohnson Auto Plaza, Inc.41447.32%
86HondaFisher Honda5343-18.87%
87JeepMedved Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram4643-6.52%
88RAMAutonation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Southwest374316.22%
89BMWGebhardt BMW354220.00%
90NissanLarry H Miller Nissan 1046742-37.31%
91HyundaiStevinson Hyundai of Longmont2041105.00%
92Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz of Denver274151.85%
93NissanEmpire Littleton Nissan8841-53.41%
94RAMLarry H. Miller Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram 104th314132.26%
95RAMLarry H. Miller Dodge Ram Fiat Havana244170.83%
96GMCShortline Buick GMC040#DIV/0!
97NissanGreeley Nissan, LLC8740-54.02%
98ChevroletDavidson-Gebhardt Chevrolet313925.81%
99JeepJohn Elway Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram8439-53.57%
100NissanBoulder Nissan5539-29.09%
101ChevroletEd Bozarth Chevrolet Company, Inc.4038-5.00%
102DodgeBrandon Dodge On Broadway5138-25.49%
103MazdaSill-Terhar Motors, Inc.4438-13.64%
104ChevroletJohnson Auto Plaza, Inc.4537-17.78%
105CadillacJohn Elway Cadillac of Park Meadows273529.63%
106HyundaiHyundai of Greeley5834-41.38%
107InfinitiMike Ward Infiniti293417.24%
108HyundaiBoulder Hyundai4333-23.26%
109NissanLarry H. Miller Nissan5133-35.29%
110AcuraMile High Acura Inc.3530-14.29%
111DodgeLarry H. Miller Dodge Ram Fiat Havana3130-3.23%
112GMCKing Buick GMC252916.00%
113GMCMedved Chevrolet Buick GMC162981.25%
114KiaPeak Kia North4829-39.58%
115Land RoverLand Rover Flatirons4129-29.27%
116BMWCos BMW Center4328-34.88%
117ChevroletKing Chevrolet Buick GMC3228-12.50%
118ChevroletMedved Chevrolet Buick GMC2826-7.14%
119VolvoSill-Terhar Motors, Inc.2826-7.14%
120RAMMedved Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram23258.70%
121Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz of Loveland22249.09%
122CadillacMedved Chevrolet202315.00%
123InfinitiInfiniti of Denver202315.00%
124MitsubishiSkyline Mitsubishi3323-30.30%
125DodgeChristopher's Dodge Ram Inc3622-38.89%
126GMCO'Meara Buick GMC3422-35.29%
127MazdaCourtesy Mazda3022-26.67%
128RAMBoulder Chrysler Dodge Ram Inc162237.50%
129GMCMcCaddon Cadillac Buick GMC, Inc.152033.33%
130Alfa RomeoMike Ward Alfa Romeo of South Denver171911.76%
131GMCKing Chevrolet Buick GMC141935.71%
132KiaGrand Kia2218-18.18%
133AcuraFisher Acura16176.25%
134GMCAutonation Buick GMC West2517-32.00%
135JaguarStevinson Imports Inc16160.00%
136DodgeAutonation Dodge Ram Arapahoe3015-50.00%
137BuickAlpine Buick GMC2713-51.85%
138BuickAutonation Buick GMC Park Meadows101330.00%
139ChryslerAutonation Chrysler Jeep Arapahoe101330.00%
140DodgeJohn Elway Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram1813-27.78%
141BuickWeld County Garage, Inc.1912-36.84%
142DodgeAutonation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Southwest1612-25.00%
143DodgeLarry H. Miller Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram 104th11129.09%
144InfinitiRickenbaugh Infiniti1512-20.00%
145BuickShortline Buick GMC011#DIV/0!
146CadillacRickenbaugh Cadillac Company1811-38.89%
147DodgeJohnson Auto Plaza Inc1911-42.11%
148CadillacMcCaddon Cadillac Buick GMC, Inc.138-38.46%
149ChevroletPurifoy Chevrolet Co.207-65.00%
150DodgePrestige Chrysler Dodge Jeep Inc.147-50.00%
151MaseratiMike Ward Maserati97-22.22%
152MitsubishiValley Mitsubishi-Longmont07#DIV/0!
153BuickKing Chevrolet Buick GMC16500.00%
154BuickMcCaddon Cadillac Buick GMC, Inc.96-33.33%
155ChryslerAutonation Chrysler Jeep West76-14.29%
156FiatAutonation Alfa Romeo and Fiat North Denver76-14.29%
157BuickO'Meara Buick GMC115-54.55%
158JaguarJaguar Flatirons05#DIV/0!
159BuickAutonation Buick GMC West3433.33%
160BuickJohnson Auto Plaza, Inc.24100.00%
161BuickKing Buick GMC54-20.00%
162BuickMedved Chevrolet Buick GMC440.00%
163BuickTranswest Buick GMC440.00%
164ChryslerPrestige Chrysler Dodge Jeep Inc.84-50.00%
165ChryslerLarry H. Miller Dodge Ram Fiat Havana04#DIV/0!
166Alfa RomeoAutonation Alfa Romeo and Fiat North Denver83-62.50%
167ChryslerBoulder Chrysler Dodge Ram Inc330.00%
168ChryslerJohn Elway Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram83-62.50%
169DodgeBoulder Chrysler Dodge Ram Inc73-57.14%
170DodgeMedved Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram330.00%
171GenesisGenesis of Arapahoe03#DIV/0!
172CadillacGhent Chevrolet Cadillac32-33.33%
173ChryslerAutonation Chrysler Jeep Broadway32-33.33%
174ChryslerJohnson Auto Plaza Inc42-50.00%
175ChryslerLarry H. Miller Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram 104th32-33.33%
176ChryslerMedved Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram12100.00%
177MaseratiMaserati of North Denver12100.00%
178SmartSmart Center of Westminster12100.00%
179FiatLarry H. Miller Dodge Ram Fiat Havana01#DIV/0!
180ChryslerAutonation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Southwest110-100.00%
181GenesisGenesis of Littleton00#DIV/0!

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