NDS-Where Do You Stand

National Dealership Standings


Here are the Top Performing Car Dealerships, in the Most Populated Markets in the USA.

The standings are based on calendar-month sales, which means sales recorded the 1st thru the last day of the month, and not “Sales Month” (which can include promotions that extend into the next month OR sales that started in the calendar month but finalized later on). This way we level the playing field to see how each dealership is doing in that particular month only. Only the top 100 in the Nation are listed here, but everyone is listed within their Region and in their City.

Note: These do not include Ford. Galpin Ford in LA, a perennial sales juggernaut is also not included.

% New Car Sales by Region

  • Pacific
  • Southwest
  • Southeast
  • Northeast
  • Rocky Mtn.
  • Midwest

YOY New Car Sales for the Top 33 Markets in US

  • 2018
  • 2019
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