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Rocky Mtn Region


The standings are based on calendar-month sales, which means sales recorded the 1st thru the last day of the month, and not “Sales Month” (which can include promotions that extend into the next month OR sales that started in the calendar month but finalized later on). This way we level the playing field to see how each dealership is doing in that particular month only.



% New Car Sales by City

  • Denver
  • Las Vegas
  • Salt Lake City

YOY New Car Sales for the Top 3 Markets in the Rocky Mountains

  • 2018
  • 2019
RankBrandDealership NameCityJuly



1ToyotaAutonation Toyota ArapahoeDenver5185424.63%
2ToyotaFindlay ToyotaLas Vegas5245331.72%
3ToyotaMountain States ToyotaDenver438434-0.91%
4ChevroletFindlay ChevroletLas Vegas25942764.86%
5SubaruSchomp SubaruDenver30535817.38%
6ToyotaGroove ToyotaDenver350334-4.57%
7ToyotaMark Miller ToyotaSalt Lake City322318-1.24%
8ToyotaDavid Wilson's Toyota and Scion of Las VegasLas Vegas2853119.12%
9SubaruAutonation Subaru ArapahoeDenver2853098.42%
10ToyotaCentennial ToyotaLas Vegas380305-19.74%
11ToyotaStevinson Toyota WestDenver381290-23.88%
12ToyotaKarl Malone ToyotaSalt Lake City315288-8.57%
13ToyotaAutonation Toyota Las VegasLas Vegas23528722.13%
14HondaRalph Schomp HondaDenver304272-10.53%
15SubaruGroove SubaruDenver260255-1.92%
16ToyotaBrent Brown ToyotaSalt Lake City0251#DIV/0!
17ToyotaStevinson Toyota EastDenver269244-9.29%
18ToyotaLarry H. Miller Toyota MurraySalt Lake City2222334.95%
19SubaruMike Shaw SubaruDenver2202304.55%
20ChevroletEd Bozarth Nevada #1 ChevroletLas Vegas19922412.56%
21HondaHonda WestLas Vegas19722313.20%
22HyundaiArapahoe HyundaiDenver229219-4.37%
23ToyotaLarry H. Miller Toyota BoulderDenver243218-10.29%
24HondaFindlay Honda HendersonLas Vegas1952118.21%
25ChevroletHenderson Chevrolet Co.Las Vegas17720716.95%
26SubaruSubaru of Las VegasLas Vegas1932077.25%
27NissanUnited NissanLas Vegas1952023.59%
28HyundaiMurdock HyundaiSalt Lake City11019577.27%
29ToyotaPerformance Toyota BountifulSalt Lake City1921951.56%
30JeepAutonation Chrysler Jeep WestDenver216194-10.19%
31SubaruAutonation Subaru WestDenver229190-17.03%
32SubaruNate Wade SubaruSalt Lake City1821830.55%
33SubaruValley Subaru of LongmontDenver16518210.30%
34ChevroletJohn Elway ChevroletDenver15018020.00%
35HondaKuni HondaDenver206179-13.11%
36ChevroletFairway ChevroletLas Vegas1571708.28%
37BMWSchomp BMW of Highlands RanchDenver1631651.23%
38KiaTowbin KiaLas Vegas48165243.75%
39JeepAutonation Chrysler Jeep ArapahoeDenver205158-22.93%
40LexusStevinson Lexus of LakewoodDenver164157-4.27%
41SubaruMark Miller SubaruSalt Lake City14015712.14%
42HyundaiMurdock Hyundai Murray, LLCSalt Lake City11815430.51%
43SubaruMark Miller Subaru South TowneSalt Lake City12915318.60%
44HondaAutonation Honda East Las VegasLas Vegas1421484.23%
45HyundaiHenderson Hyundai SuperstoreLas Vegas1391465.04%
46HondaAutonation Honda 104Denver159145-8.81%
47LexusLexus of Las VegasLas Vegas12614414.29%
48ToyotaTony Divino ToyotaSalt Lake City11914421.01%
49SubaruFlatirons SubaruDenver153142-7.19%
50HondaFindlay HondaLas Vegas1301429.23%
51HyundaiAbc HyundaiLas Vegas1371412.92%
52HondaKen Garff Honda DowntownSalt Lake City1331416.02%
53HondaMile High HondaDenver156139-10.90%
54KiaJim Marsh KiaLas Vegas11413821.05%
55HondaStockton #12 HondaSalt Lake City160130-18.75%
56NissanPlanet NissanLas Vegas1281290.78%
57HyundaiHyundai of Las VegasLas Vegas164128-21.95%
58SubaruYoung SubaruSalt Lake City10512720.95%
59BMWBMW of Denver DowntownDenver8412650.00%
60HyundaiMcDonald Auto Group HyundaiDenver9012437.78%
61ToyotaStapp Interstate Toyota, Inc.Denver173121-30.06%
62ChevroletLarry H. Miller Chevrolet MurraySalt Lake City121118-2.48%
63JeepJim Marsh Chrysler JeepLas Vegas142116-18.31%
64NissanHenderson NissanLas Vegas8811631.82%
65ToyotaEhrlich ToyotaDenver148115-22.30%
66RAMKen Garff West Valley Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram FiatSalt Lake City9811517.35%
67AudiAudi DenverDenver118114-3.39%
68HyundaiCentennial HyundaiLas Vegas10011414.00%
69HondaKen Garff Honda of OremSalt Lake City9311422.58%
70MazdaSchomp MazdaDenver6511170.77%
71BMWBMW of Las VegasLas Vegas6111080.33%
72JeepChapman Chrysler Jeep LLCLas Vegas152110-27.63%
73KiaFindlay KiaLas Vegas124110-11.29%
74RAMChristopher's Dodge Ram IncDenver7110953.52%
75GMCJerry Seiner Buick GMCSalt Lake City9210716.30%
76NissanEmpire Lakewood NissanDenver110105-4.55%
77ChevroletRiverton ChevroletSalt Lake City9510510.53%
78JeepKen Garff West Valley Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram FiatSalt Lake City8910517.98%
79HondaPlanet HondaDenver117102-12.82%
80RAMAutonation Dodge Ram ArapahoeDenver6310261.90%
81ChevroletMedved ChevroletDenver112100-10.71%
82NissanTynan's Nissan IncDenver6710049.25%
83JeepLarry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram SandySalt Lake City961004.17%
84JeepAutonation Chrysler Jeep BroadwayDenver11299-11.61%
85RAMBrandon Dodge On BroadwayDenver829920.73%
86LexusKuni Lexus of Greenwood VillageDenver94973.19%
87ChevroletEmich ChevroletDenver9896-2.04%
88HyundaiKen Garff Hyundai SouthtowneSalt Lake City10796-10.28%
89MazdaCardinaleway Mazda Las VegasLas Vegas9895-3.06%
90HondaHonda of GreeleyDenver729430.56%
91LexusStevinson Lexus of FrederickDenver9693-3.13%
92GMCSalt Lake Valley Buick GMCSalt Lake City819213.58%
93HondaLarry H. Miller HondaSalt Lake City13891-34.06%
94LexusLarry H. Miller Lexus MurraySalt Lake City9791-6.19%
95AudiAudi FlatironsDenver819011.11%
96MazdaGroove MazdaDenver82909.76%
97RAMChapman's Las Vegas Dodge Chrysler JeepLas Vegas509080.00%
98KiaJerry Seiner KiaSalt Lake City89901.12%
99Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz of LittletonDenver698827.54%
100RAMJohnson Auto Plaza IncDenver80878.75%
101Mercedes-BenzFletcher Jones ImportsLas Vegas708724.29%
102SubaruDoug Smith SubaruSalt Lake City11887-26.27%
103RAMJohn Elway Chrysler Jeep Dodge RamDenver80867.50%
104LexusLexus of HendersonLas Vegas83863.61%
105HondaKen Garff Honda RiverdaleSalt Lake City9886-12.24%
106JeepPrestige Chrysler Dodge Jeep Inc.Denver8685-1.16%
107Land RoverLand Rover DenverDenver9385-8.60%
108JeepPrestige Chrysler Jeep Dodge LLCLas Vegas8584-1.18%
109Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz of WestminsterDenver578142.11%
110CadillacFindlay CadillacLas Vegas77815.19%
111KiaDoug Smith KiaSalt Lake City698117.39%
112NissanTim Dahle NissanSalt Lake City8380-3.61%
113KiaMedved KiaDenver457975.56%
114JeepChapman's Las Vegas Dodge Chrysler JeepLas Vegas547946.30%
115HyundaiKen Garff Hyundai DowntownSalt Lake City457975.56%
116JeepDesert 215 SuperstoreLas Vegas10278-23.53%
117ChevroletJerry Seiner ChevroletSalt Lake City597832.20%
118JeepLarry H. Miller Colorado JeepDenver77770.00%
119JeepLarry H. Miller Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram 104thDenver10676-28.30%
120ChevroletKen Garff ChevroletSalt Lake City547538.89%
121ChevroletStevinson Chevrolet West, Inc.Denver8074-7.50%
122SubaruGreeley SubaruDenver567432.14%
123SubaruSubaru of LovelandDenver8972-19.10%
124VolvoMcDonald Volvo CarsDenver627216.13%
125GMCWeld County Garage, Inc.Denver8171-12.35%
126MazdaFindlay MazdaLas Vegas071#DIV/0!
127HyundaiSchomp HyundaiDenver7370-4.11%
128KiaEhrlich I-25 KiaDenver597018.64%
129NissanTim Dahle Nis SouthtowneSalt Lake City11270-37.50%
130GMCAlpine Buick GMCDenver64686.25%
131GMCTranswest Buick GMCDenver406870.00%
132HyundaiPlanet HyundaiDenver7367-8.22%
133BMWBMW of HendersonLas Vegas356791.43%
134RAMPrestige Chrysler Jeep Dodge LLCLas Vegas526728.85%
135RAMLarry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram SandySalt Lake City606711.67%
136RAMTowbin Dodge LLCLas Vegas8666-23.26%
137HondaPerformance Honda BountifulSalt Lake City7164-9.86%
138JeepDoug Smith Chrysler Jeep DodgeSalt Lake City536420.75%
139JeepAutonation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram SouthwestDenver9863-35.71%
140NissanLarry H Miller Nis ArapahDenver6963-8.70%
141NissanAutonation Nis Las VegasLas Vegas7263-12.50%
142BMWBMW of MurraySalt Lake City436346.51%
143ChevroletYoung Chevrolet CompanySalt Lake City61633.28%
144AcuraCourtesy AcuraDenver9162-31.87%
145MazdaMcDonald Mazda SouthDenver57628.77%
146AudiAudi Salt Lake CitySalt Lake City6362-1.59%
147MazdaMcDonald Mazda WestDenver6461-4.69%
148AudiAudi HendersonLas Vegas6361-3.17%
149AudiAudi Las VegasLas Vegas6861-10.29%
150MitsubishiSalt Lake MitsubishiSalt Lake City366169.44%
151ChevroletLen Lyall Chevrolet, Inc.Denver416046.34%
152HyundaiAutonation Hyundai 104Denver536013.21%
153VolvoRickenbaugh Volvo, Inc.Denver406050.00%
154AudiPrestige AudiDenver6359-6.35%
155ChevroletSalt Lake Valley ChevroletSalt Lake City059#DIV/0!
156JeepSalt Lake Valley Chrysler Dodge Jeep RamSalt Lake City405947.50%
157GMCAutonation Buick GMC Park MeadowsDenver485820.83%
158DodgeTowbin Dodge LLCLas Vegas16358-64.42%
159JeepSahara Chrysler Jeep Dodge RamLas Vegas58580.00%
160Land RoverLand Rover Las VegasLas Vegas7258-19.44%
161KiaYoung KiaSalt Lake City435834.88%
162ChevroletGhent Chevrolet CadillacDenver435732.56%
163JeepPollard Jeep of BoulderDenver7657-25.00%
164KiaWasatch Front KiaSalt Lake City52567.69%
165KiaPeak KiaDenver8555-35.29%
166ChevroletEd Bozarth #1 Park Meadow Chevrolet, Inc.Denver9154-40.66%
167MazdaYoung MazdaSalt Lake City2754100.00%
168KiaArapahoe KiaDenver7753-31.17%
169DodgePrestige Chrysler Jeep Dodge LLCLas Vegas425223.81%
170JeepJohnson Auto Plaza IncDenver7451-31.08%
171NissanKen Garff Nissan of SlSalt Lake City6251-17.74%
172NissanValley Nissan, LLCDenver7850-35.90%
173ChevroletCentury I Chevrolet, Inc.Denver5049-2.00%
174GMCFairway Buick GMC TruckLas Vegas264884.62%
175MazdaD Dahle Mazda of MurraySalt Lake City6148-21.31%
176ChevroletAutonation Chevrolet NorthDenver5347-11.32%
177HondaFrontier Honda Ltd.Denver5846-20.69%
178HyundaiCrossroads HyundaiDenver2246109.09%
179Alfa RomeoTowbin Fiat Alfa RomeoLas Vegas414612.20%
180ChevroletDoug Smith ChevroletSalt Lake City264676.92%
181RAMPrestige Chrysler Dodge Jeep Inc.Denver354528.57%
182GMCJohnson Auto Plaza, Inc.Denver41447.32%
183Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz of HendersonLas Vegas44440.00%
184HondaFisher HondaDenver5343-18.87%
185JeepMedved Chrysler Dodge Jeep RamDenver4643-6.52%
186RAMAutonation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram SouthwestDenver374316.22%
187CadillacCadillac of Las VegasLas Vegas40437.50%
188RAMDoug Smith Chrysler Jeep DodgeSalt Lake City314338.71%
189BMWGebhardt BMWDenver354220.00%
190NissanLarry H Miller Nissan 104Denver6742-37.31%
191AcuraFindlay AcuraLas Vegas7142-40.85%
192RAMDesert 215 SuperstoreLas Vegas6142-31.15%
193HyundaiStevinson Hyundai of LongmontDenver2041105.00%
194Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz of DenverDenver274151.85%
195NissanEmpire Littleton NissanDenver8841-53.41%
196RAMLarry H. Miller Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram 104thDenver314132.26%
197RAMLarry H. Miller Dodge Ram Fiat HavanaDenver244170.83%
198ChevroletMurdock Chevrolet, Inc.Salt Lake City4841-14.58%
199MazdaBountiful MazdaSalt Lake City5741-28.07%
200GMCShortline Buick GMCDenver040#DIV/0!
201NissanGreeley Nissan, LLCDenver8740-54.02%
202MazdaEarnhardt Mazda Las VegasLas Vegas5740-29.82%
203RAMSalt Lake Valley Chrysler Dodge Jeep RamSalt Lake City224081.82%
204ChevroletDavidson-Gebhardt ChevroletDenver313925.81%
205JeepJohn Elway Chrysler Jeep Dodge RamDenver8439-53.57%
206NissanBoulder NissanDenver5539-29.09%
207ChevroletPahrump Valley Auto Plaza, LLCLas Vegas4339-9.30%
208ChevroletEd Bozarth Chevrolet Company, Inc.Denver4038-5.00%
209DodgeBrandon Dodge On BroadwayDenver5138-25.49%
210MazdaSill-Terhar Motors, Inc.Denver4438-13.64%
211JeepLarry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram BountifulSalt Lake City233865.22%
212ChevroletJohnson Auto Plaza, Inc.Denver4537-17.78%
213AcuraCardinaleway Acura Las VegasLas Vegas4737-21.28%
214GMCEarnhardt Buick GMCLas Vegas273737.04%
215RAMSahara Chrysler Jeep Dodge RamLas Vegas3937-5.13%
216JeepLarry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge RiverdaleSalt Lake City293727.59%
217CadillacJohn Elway Cadillac of Park MeadowsDenver273529.63%
218ChevroletLarry H. Miller Chevrolet ProvoSalt Lake City4035-12.50%
219GMCNational Buick GMCSalt Lake City035#DIV/0!
220HyundaiYoung HyundaiSalt Lake City3935-10.26%
221MazdaSouthtowne MazdaSalt Lake City5635-37.50%
222NissanKen Garff Nissan RiverdalSalt Lake City3635-2.78%
223VolvoKen Garff Volvo CarsSalt Lake City5135-31.37%
224HyundaiHyundai of GreeleyDenver5834-41.38%
225InfinitiMike Ward InfinitiDenver293417.24%
226ChevroletJohn Watson Chevrolet, Inc.Salt Lake City33343.03%
227Land RoverLand Rover Downtown Salt LakeSalt Lake City5034-32.00%
228NissanTim Dahle Nis BountifulSalt Lake City33343.03%
229RAMLarry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge RiverdaleSalt Lake City3834-10.53%
230HyundaiBoulder HyundaiDenver4333-23.26%
231NissanLarry H. Miller NissanDenver5133-35.29%
232VolvoFindlay Volvo Cars Las VegasLas Vegas183383.33%
233JeepLarry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge ProvoSalt Lake City31336.45%
234Land RoverLand Rover CentervilleSalt Lake City3431-8.82%
235MazdaOrem MazdaSalt Lake City273114.81%
236AcuraMile High Acura Inc.Denver3530-14.29%
237DodgeLarry H. Miller Dodge Ram Fiat HavanaDenver3130-3.23%
238JeepKarl Malone Chrysler Dodge Jeep RamSalt Lake City30300.00%
239Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz of DraperSalt Lake City28307.14%
240RAMKarl Malone Chrysler Dodge Jeep RamSalt Lake City233030.43%
241GMCKing Buick GMCDenver252916.00%
242GMCMedved Chevrolet Buick GMCDenver162981.25%
243KiaPeak Kia NorthDenver4829-39.58%
244Land RoverLand Rover FlatironsDenver4129-29.27%
245GMCYoung Buick GMC Co.Salt Lake City202945.00%
246NissanKen Garff Nissan of OremSalt Lake City1129163.64%
247RAMLarry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram BountifulSalt Lake City729314.29%
248BMWCos BMW CenterDenver4328-34.88%
249ChevroletKing Chevrolet Buick GMCDenver3228-12.50%
250RAMLarry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge ProvoSalt Lake City152886.67%
251LexusLarry H. Miller Lexus of LindonSalt Lake City3327-18.18%
252ChevroletMedved Chevrolet Buick GMCDenver2826-7.14%
253VolvoSill-Terhar Motors, Inc.Denver2826-7.14%
254GMCAutonation Buick GMC HendersonLas Vegas142685.71%
255Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz of Salt Lake CitySalt Lake City152673.33%
256RAMYoung Chrysler Jeep Dodge RamSalt Lake City222618.18%
257RAMMedved Chrysler Dodge Jeep RamDenver23258.70%
258ChryslerPrestige Chrysler Jeep Dodge LLCLas Vegas3525-28.57%
259RAMDoug Smith Chrysler Dodge Jeep RamSalt Lake City172547.06%
260Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz of LovelandDenver22249.09%
261DodgeChapman's Las Vegas Dodge Chrysler JeepLas Vegas4824-50.00%
262GMCAutonation Buick GMC West SaharaLas Vegas3724-35.14%
263AcuraMike Hale AcuraSalt Lake City3224-25.00%
264BMWBMW of Pleasant GroveSalt Lake City1224100.00%
265JeepDoug Smith Chrysler Dodge Jeep RamSalt Lake City202420.00%
266CadillacMedved ChevroletDenver202315.00%
267InfinitiInfiniti of DenverDenver202315.00%
268MitsubishiSkyline MitsubishiDenver3323-30.30%
269AcuraJody Wilkinson AcuraSalt Lake City2423-4.17%
270GMCKen Garff Buick GMC RiverdaleSalt Lake City3023-23.33%
271DodgeChristopher's Dodge Ram IncDenver3622-38.89%
272GMCO'Meara Buick GMCDenver3422-35.29%
273MazdaCourtesy MazdaDenver3022-26.67%
274RAMBoulder Chrysler Dodge Ram IncDenver162237.50%
275BuickAutonation Buick GMC West SaharaLas Vegas182222.22%
276GMCHarmon's, Inc.Salt Lake City132161.54%
277JeepYoung Chrysler Jeep Dodge RamSalt Lake City152140.00%
278GMCMcCaddon Cadillac Buick GMC, Inc.Denver152033.33%
279DodgeSahara Chrysler Jeep Dodge RamLas Vegas3120-35.48%
280Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz of FarmingtonSalt Lake City2420-16.67%
281Alfa RomeoMike Ward Alfa Romeo of South DenverDenver171911.76%
282GMCKing Chevrolet Buick GMCDenver141935.71%
283AudiAudi LehiSalt Lake City3919-51.28%
284BuickJerry Seiner Buick GMCSalt Lake City2419-20.83%
285KiaGrand KiaDenver2218-18.18%
286BuickEarnhardt Buick GMCLas Vegas131838.46%
287InfinitiInfiniti of Las VegasLas Vegas6418-71.88%
288CadillacJerry Seiner ChevroletSalt Lake City2118-14.29%
289ChevroletLabrum Chevrolet Buick, Inc.Salt Lake City818125.00%
290InfinitiTim Dahle InfinitiSalt Lake City2718-33.33%
291AcuraFisher AcuraDenver16176.25%
292GMCAutonation Buick GMC WestDenver2517-32.00%
293JaguarStevinson Imports IncDenver16160.00%
294DodgeAutonation Dodge Ram ArapahoeDenver3015-50.00%
295DodgeDesert 215 SuperstoreLas Vegas3315-54.55%
296BuickSalt Lake Valley Buick GMCSalt Lake City111536.36%
297GMCPahrump Valley Auto Plaza, LLCLas Vegas81475.00%
298JeepLayton Hills Chrysler Dodge Jeep RamSalt Lake City2014-30.00%
299BuickAlpine Buick GMCDenver2713-51.85%
300BuickAutonation Buick GMC Park MeadowsDenver101330.00%
301ChryslerAutonation Chrysler Jeep ArapahoeDenver101330.00%
302DodgeJohn Elway Chrysler Jeep Dodge RamDenver1813-27.78%
303ChevroletTooele Chevrolet BuickSalt Lake City013#DIV/0!
304BuickWeld County Garage, Inc.Denver1912-36.84%
305DodgeAutonation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram SouthwestDenver1612-25.00%
306DodgeLarry H. Miller Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram 104thDenver11129.09%
307InfinitiRickenbaugh InfinitiDenver1512-20.00%
308BuickFairway Buick GMC TruckLas Vegas1712-29.41%
309DodgeKen Garff West Valley Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram FiatSalt Lake City1312-7.69%
310RAMLayton Hills Chrysler Dodge Jeep RamSalt Lake City1612-25.00%
311BuickShortline Buick GMCDenver011#DIV/0!
312CadillacRickenbaugh Cadillac CompanyDenver1811-38.89%
313DodgeJohnson Auto Plaza IncDenver1911-42.11%
314Alfa RomeoFindlay Alfa Romeo / FiatLas Vegas1211-8.33%
315GenesisGenesis of Las VegasLas Vegas011#DIV/0!
316BuickYoung Buick GMC Co.Salt Lake City1211-8.33%
317BuickAutonation Buick GMC HendersonLas Vegas1510-33.33%
318JeepSaitta Trudeau Chry-Jeep-DodgeLas Vegas510100.00%
319BuickPahrump Valley Auto Plaza, LLCLas Vegas49125.00%
320ChryslerChapman's Las Vegas Dodge Chrysler JeepLas Vegas139-30.77%
321RAMSaitta Trudeau Chry-Jeep-DodgeLas Vegas990.00%
322ChryslerLarry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram SandySalt Lake City6950.00%
323CadillacMcCaddon Cadillac Buick GMC, Inc.Denver138-38.46%
324ChryslerChapman Chrysler Jeep LLCLas Vegas208-60.00%
325ChryslerJim Marsh Chrysler JeepLas Vegas218-61.90%
326ChryslerSahara Chrysler Jeep Dodge RamLas Vegas6833.33%
327MitsubishiLas Vegas MitsubishiLas Vegas228-63.64%
328DodgeLarry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram SandySalt Lake City228-63.64%
329RAMTooele Chrysler Jeep Dodge RamSalt Lake City5860.00%
330ChevroletPurifoy Chevrolet Co.Denver207-65.00%
331DodgePrestige Chrysler Dodge Jeep Inc.Denver147-50.00%
332MaseratiMike Ward MaseratiDenver97-22.22%
333MitsubishiValley Mitsubishi-LongmontDenver07#DIV/0!
334FiatFindlay Alfa Romeo / FiatLas Vegas87-12.50%
335GenesisGenesis of HendersonLas Vegas07#DIV/0!
336BuickKen Garff Buick GMC RiverdaleSalt Lake City4775.00%
337BuickTooele Chevrolet BuickSalt Lake City07#DIV/0!
338GenesisGenesis of MurraySalt Lake City07#DIV/0!
339BuickKing Chevrolet Buick GMCDenver16500.00%
340BuickMcCaddon Cadillac Buick GMC, Inc.Denver96-33.33%
341ChryslerAutonation Chrysler Jeep WestDenver76-14.29%
342FiatAutonation Alfa Romeo and Fiat North DenverDenver76-14.29%
343ChryslerDesert 215 SuperstoreLas Vegas116-45.45%
344AudiAudi LaytonSalt Lake City76-14.29%
345DodgeYoung Chrysler Jeep Dodge RamSalt Lake City26200.00%
346SprinterWarner Vans of UtahSalt Lake City146-57.14%
347BuickO'Meara Buick GMCDenver115-54.55%
348JaguarJaguar FlatironsDenver05#DIV/0!
349FiatTowbin Fiat Alfa RomeoLas Vegas75-28.57%
350ChevroletMike Hale Chevrolet, Inc.Salt Lake City95-44.44%
351ChryslerKen Garff West Valley Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram FiatSalt Lake City4525.00%
352ChryslerLarry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge ProvoSalt Lake City65-16.67%
353DodgeDoug Smith Chrysler Jeep DodgeSalt Lake City550.00%
354DodgeTooele Chrysler Jeep Dodge RamSalt Lake City65-16.67%
355FiatKen Garff West Valley Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram FiatSalt Lake City95-44.44%
356JeepTooele Chrysler Jeep Dodge RamSalt Lake City95-44.44%
357MitsubishiHarrison MitsubishiSalt Lake City65-16.67%
358MitsubishiKarl Malone MitsubishiSalt Lake City75-28.57%
359GenesisGenesis of LindonSalt Lake City05#DIV/0!
360BuickAutonation Buick GMC WestDenver3433.33%
361BuickJohnson Auto Plaza, Inc.Denver24100.00%
362BuickKing Buick GMCDenver54-20.00%
363BuickMedved Chevrolet Buick GMCDenver440.00%
364BuickTranswest Buick GMCDenver440.00%
365ChryslerPrestige Chrysler Dodge Jeep Inc.Denver84-50.00%
366ChryslerLarry H. Miller Dodge Ram Fiat HavanaDenver04#DIV/0!
367JaguarJaguar Las VegasLas Vegas84-50.00%
368MaseratiTowbin Ferrari MaseratiLas Vegas134-69.23%
369Alfa RomeoKen Garff Alfa Romeo of Salt LakeSalt Lake City14300.00%
370BuickNational Buick GMCSalt Lake City04#DIV/0!
371ChryslerSalt Lake Valley Chrysler Dodge Jeep RamSalt Lake City24100.00%
372Alfa RomeoAutonation Alfa Romeo and Fiat North DenverDenver83-62.50%
373ChryslerBoulder Chrysler Dodge Ram IncDenver330.00%
374ChryslerJohn Elway Chrysler Jeep Dodge RamDenver83-62.50%
375DodgeBoulder Chrysler Dodge Ram IncDenver73-57.14%
376DodgeMedved Chrysler Dodge Jeep RamDenver330.00%
377GenesisGenesis of ArapahoeDenver03#DIV/0!
378BuickHarmon's, Inc.Salt Lake City330.00%
379BuickLabrum Chevrolet Buick, Inc.Salt Lake City2350.00%
380ChryslerDoug Smith Chrysler Dodge Jeep RamSalt Lake City13200.00%
381ChryslerLarry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram BountifulSalt Lake City43-25.00%
382GenesisGenesis of SandySalt Lake City03#DIV/0!
383CadillacGhent Chevrolet CadillacDenver32-33.33%
384ChryslerAutonation Chrysler Jeep BroadwayDenver32-33.33%
385ChryslerJohnson Auto Plaza IncDenver42-50.00%
386ChryslerLarry H. Miller Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram 104thDenver32-33.33%
387ChryslerMedved Chrysler Dodge Jeep RamDenver12100.00%
388MaseratiMaserati of North DenverDenver12100.00%
389SmartSmart Center of WestminsterDenver12100.00%
390ChryslerDoug Smith Chrysler Jeep DodgeSalt Lake City52-60.00%
391ChryslerLarry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge RiverdaleSalt Lake City62-66.67%
392DodgeDoug Smith Chrysler Dodge Jeep RamSalt Lake City220.00%
393DodgeLarry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge ProvoSalt Lake City42-50.00%
394DodgeLarry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram BountifulSalt Lake City52-60.00%
395DodgeSalt Lake Valley Chrysler Dodge Jeep RamSalt Lake City52-60.00%
396JaguarJaguar Downtown Salt LakeSalt Lake City102-80.00%
397GenesisGenesis of OgdenSalt Lake City02#DIV/0!
398FiatLarry H. Miller Dodge Ram Fiat HavanaDenver01#DIV/0!
399ChryslerSaitta Trudeau Chry-Jeep-DodgeLas Vegas21-50.00%
400DodgeSaitta Trudeau Chry-Jeep-DodgeLas Vegas21-50.00%
401CadillacHarmon's, Inc.Salt Lake City31-66.67%
402DodgeKarl Malone Chrysler Dodge Jeep RamSalt Lake City31-66.67%
403DodgeLarry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge RiverdaleSalt Lake City131-92.31%
404DodgeLayton Hills Chrysler Dodge Jeep RamSalt Lake City21-50.00%
405ChryslerAutonation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram SouthwestDenver110-100.00%
406GenesisGenesis of LittletonDenver00#DIV/0!
407ChryslerKarl Malone Chrysler Dodge Jeep RamSalt Lake City40-100.00%
408ChryslerLayton Hills Chrysler Dodge Jeep RamSalt Lake City20-100.00%
409ChryslerTooele Chrysler Jeep Dodge RamSalt Lake City00#DIV/0!
410ChryslerYoung Chrysler Jeep Dodge RamSalt Lake City20-100.00%
411MaseratiMaserati of Salt Lake CitySalt Lake City70-100.00%
412MitsubishiCougar MitsubishiSalt Lake City140-100.00%
413MitsubishiCutrubus MitsubishiSalt Lake City90-100.00%