National Dealership Standings

Columbus’ National Dealership Standings – July 2019

The standings are based on calendar-month sales, which means sales recorded the 1st thru the last day of the month, and not “Sales Month” (which can include promotions that extend into the next month OR sales that started in the calendar month but finalized later on). This way we level the playing field to see how each dealership is doing in that particular month only.  

RankBrandDealership NameJuly 2018July 2019% Difference
1HondaLindsay Honda36943618.16%
2HondaRoush Honda3523735.97%
3HondaHonda Marysville29533011.86%
4ToyotaToyota Direct342328-4.09%
5HondaGermain Honda of Dublin212210-0.94%
6ToyotaToyota West253209-17.39%
7HondaHugh White Honda2032040.49%
8HyundaiHatfield Hyundai213196-7.98%
9ToyotaGermain Toyota of Columbus205181-11.71%
10ToyotaTansky Sawmill Toyota1671744.19%
11HyundaiRicart Hyundai1671691.20%
12SubaruByers Dublin Subaru1531551.31%
13ChevroletJeff Wyler Chevrolet of Columbus8514469.41%
14ChevroletMark Wahlberg Chevrolet31344366.67%
15ChevroletCoughlin Automotive, LLC8913450.56%
16KiaCapital Kia10713021.50%
17ToyotaByers Toyota133128-3.76%
18KiaRicart Kia6612589.39%
19HyundaiDennis Hyundai of Dublin10412116.35%
20ChevroletJack Maxton Chevrolet, Inc.148120-18.92%
21SubaruByers Airport Subaru117113-3.42%
22HondaJohn Hinderer Honda113112-0.88%
23SubaruHatfield Subaru103102-0.97%
24LexusGermain Lexus of Easton10799-7.48%
25ChevroletChesrown Chevrolet Buick GMC, Inc.10396-6.80%
26ChevroletDave Kehl Chevrolet, Inc.768917.11%
27NissanBuckeye Nissan, Inc.9489-5.32%
28JeepBob Caldwell Chrysler Jeep Dodge618437.70%
29MazdaGermain Mazda of Columbus608440.00%
30AcuraLindsay Acura578345.61%
31HyundaiDennis Hyundai678323.88%
32JeepCrown Chrysler Jeep Dodge748312.16%
33KiaMatt Taylor Kia718012.68%
34JeepPerformance Chrysler Jeep Dodge10579-24.76%
35HondaBuckeye Honda74785.41%
36ChevroletByers Chevrolet, LLC677613.43%
37NissanNissan/North, Inc.7976-3.80%
38HondaBill Marine Honda69712.90%
39LexusGermain Lexus of Dublin65696.15%
40HyundaiHerrnstein Hyundai7467-9.46%
41GMCDan Tobin Buick GMC, Inc.436653.49%
42JeepLiberty Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram6964-7.25%
43JeepPerformance Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Delaware7064-8.57%
44ChevroletDan Tobin Chevrolet, Inc.62631.61%
45Mercedes-BenzCrown Eurocars406357.50%
46ChevroletLash Chevrolet56618.93%
47ToyotaCoughlin Toyota7260-16.67%
48ToyotaMcDaniel Toyota56595.36%
49NissanGermain Nissan7158-18.31%
50ChevroletDave Gill Chevrolet385236.84%
51Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz of Easton314958.06%
52ChevroletMcDaniel Chevrolet, Buick, GMC334845.45%
53ToyotaNourse Toyota404820.00%
54VolvoByers Volvo424814.29%
55AcuraAcura Columbus5747-17.54%
56BMWKelly BMW374624.32%
57ChevroletJeff Wyler Chevrolet324643.75%
58JeepByers Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram43454.65%
59HondaNourse Honda4944-10.20%
60KiaHatfield Kia7444-40.54%
61ToyotaBuckeye Toyota4544-2.22%
62ChevroletFredericktown Chevrolet Company, Inc.394310.26%
63NissanRicart Nissan7242-41.67%
64ToyotaJeff Wyler Toyota of Springfield5442-22.22%
65HyundaiJeff Wyler Hyundai324025.00%
66KiaCoughlin Kia214090.48%
67GMCTwins Buick GMC323818.75%
68KiaByers Kia4538-15.56%
69MazdaByers Mazda5338-28.30%
70RAMPerformance Chrysler Jeep Dodge273737.04%
71HondaMathews Honda4036-10.00%
72CadillacJoseph Cadillac of Dublin1435150.00%
73GMCChesrown Chevrolet Buick GMC, Inc.4235-16.67%
74ChevroletHugh White Chevrolet Buick5634-39.29%
75RAMJeff Wyler Cdjr of Columbus034#DIV/0!
76InfinitiInfiniti of Columbus, LLC4033-17.50%
77JeepHerrnstein Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat3533-5.71%
78KiaHerrnstein Kia4533-26.67%
79RAMLiberty Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram3433-2.94%
80GMCSandoval Buick GMC, Inc.213252.38%
81JeepJeff Wyler Cdjr of Columbus032#DIV/0!
82KiaJeff Wyler Kia233239.13%
83AudiAudi Columbus30313.33%
84BMWMag BMW of Dublin3531-11.43%
85ChevroletCoughlin Chevrolet of Chillicothe29316.90%
86KiaCrown Kia4231-26.19%
87BuickDan Tobin Buick GMC, Inc.183066.67%
88JeepJeff Wyler Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of Springfield263015.38%
89ChevroletCoughlin Automotive Group28293.57%
90GMCHaydocy Automotive29290.00%
91JeepTri-County Chrysler Products182961.11%
92BuickChesrown Chevrolet Buick GMC, Inc.202840.00%
93ChevroletCoughlin Chevrolet Buick GMC3428-17.65%
94NissanCoughlin Nissan142792.86%
95AudiAudi Dublin3225-21.88%
96HyundaiMathews Hyundai23244.35%
97JeepMathews Dodge Chrysler Jeep Inc2623-11.54%
98RAMHerrnstein Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat162343.75%
99CadillacGermain Cadillac of Easton21224.76%
100ChevroletCoughlin Automotive of Circleville, LLC2522-12.00%
101HyundaiCoughlin Hyundai2822-21.43%
102NissanGeorgesville Nissan, LLC4222-47.62%
103ToyotaGusweiler Toyota22220.00%
104ChevroletChevrolet Buick GMC of Mount Vernon021#DIV/0!
105VolvoMag Volvo Cars Dublin2321-8.70%
106JeepBob-Boyd Chrysler Jeep Dodge2320-13.04%
107JeepKen Ganley Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram020#DIV/0!
108NissanNourse Nissan2119-9.52%
109RAMPerformance Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Delaware2219-13.64%
110Land RoverLand Rover Dublin3819-50.00%
111BuickSandoval Buick GMC, Inc.2418-25.00%
112ChevroletCoughlin Chevrolet-Buick-Cadillac of Marysvil141828.57%
113ChevroletSVG URBANA LLC121850.00%
114MazdaRicart Mazda151820.00%
115RAMBob-Boyd Chrysler Jeep Dodge101880.00%
116BuickHaydocy Automotive2017-15.00%
117RAMByers Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram317466.67%
118BuickTwins Buick GMC16160.00%
119DodgeTri-County Chrysler Products816100.00%
120ChryslerBob Caldwell Chrysler Jeep Dodge131515.38%
121GMCCoughlin Automotive Group14157.14%
122GMCMcDaniel Chevrolet, Buick, GMC514180.00%
123GMCCoughlin Automotive of Circleville, LLC81475.00%
124InfinitiGermain Infiniti / Easton111427.27%
125JeepTom Whiteside Auto Sales81475.00%
126RAMMathews Dodge Chrysler Jeep Inc81475.00%
127RAMCrown Chrysler Jeep Dodge91455.56%
128DodgeBob Caldwell Chrysler Jeep Dodge1413-7.14%
129GMCCoughlin Chevrolet of Chillicothe101330.00%
130GMCSVG URBANA LLC413225.00%
131RAMTri-County Chrysler Products1513-13.33%
132ChevroletSteve Austin's Auto Group, Inc.1712-29.41%
133ChevroletDon Wood Automotive, Ltd.11129.09%
134ChevroletJim Gusweiler Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac, I101220.00%
135DodgePerformance Chrysler Jeep Dodge1912-36.84%
136DodgeLiberty Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram1412-14.29%
137DodgeHerrnstein Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat1512-20.00%
138GMCBobby Layman Cadillac GMC, Inc.1612-25.00%
139NissanHugh White Nis Lancaster2012-40.00%
140GMCCoughlin Chevrolet Buick GMC71157.14%
141JeepCoughlin Chrysler Dodge Jeep1811-38.89%
142MitsubishiRicart Mitsubishi2711-59.26%
143RAMCoughlin Chrysler Dodge Jeep1311-15.38%
144ChryslerPerformance Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Delaware1310-23.08%
145DodgeMathews Dodge Chrysler Jeep Inc81025.00%
146GMCChevrolet Buick GMC of Mount Vernon010#DIV/0!
147JeepDon Wood Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram91011.11%
148MitsubishiColumbus Mitsubishi North2410-58.33%
149BuickCoughlin Chevrolet of Chillicothe149-35.71%
150ChryslerPerformance Chrysler Jeep Dodge139-30.77%
151DodgePerformance Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Delaware109-10.00%
152DodgeJeff Wyler Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of Springfield5980.00%
153RAMMig Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram6950.00%
154RAMJeff Wyler Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of Springfield8912.50%
155BuickCoughlin Chevrolet Buick GMC5860.00%
156BuickCoughlin Automotive Group18700.00%
157BuickSVG URBANA LLC148-42.86%
158CadillacBobby Layman Cadillac GMC, Inc.28300.00%
159ChryslerCrown Chrysler Jeep Dodge128-33.33%
160JeepDoug Marine Motors Inc5860.00%
161RAMBob Caldwell Chrysler Jeep Dodge880.00%
162ChryslerJeff Wyler Cdjr of Columbus07#DIV/0!
163GMCSteve Austin's Auto Group, Inc.37133.33%
164GMCSpringfield Buick GMC07#DIV/0!
165JeepRidenour Auto Group5740.00%
166JeepMig Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram177-58.82%
167RAMKen Ganley Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram07#DIV/0!
168AcuraMathews Acura4650.00%
169BuickDon Wood Automotive, Ltd.16500.00%
170BuickMcDaniel Chevrolet, Buick, GMC16500.00%
171BuickSpringfield Buick GMC06#DIV/0!
172ChryslerByers Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram26200.00%
173DodgeMig Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram96-33.33%
174DodgeCoughlin Chrysler Dodge Jeep86-25.00%
175RAMDoug Marine Motors Inc26200.00%
176RAMDon Wood Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram16500.00%
177ToyotaToyota of Logan96-33.33%
178Alfa RomeoCrown Alfa Romeo Fiat of Dublin146-57.14%
179BuickSteve Austin's Auto Group, Inc.3566.67%
180BuickChevrolet Buick GMC of Mount Vernon05#DIV/0!
181ChryslerBob-Boyd Chrysler Jeep Dodge65-16.67%
182ChryslerMathews Dodge Chrysler Jeep Inc4525.00%
183FiatGermain Alfa Romeo Fiat05#DIV/0!
184Alfa RomeoGermain Alfa Romeo Fiat05#DIV/0!
185JaguarJaguar Easton05#DIV/0!
186ChryslerLiberty Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram134-69.23%
187ChryslerMathews Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Mount Vernon14300.00%
188DodgeBob-Boyd Chrysler Jeep Dodge440.00%
189DodgeRidenour Auto Group14300.00%
190GMCJim Gusweiler Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac, I74-42.86%
191JeepMathews Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Mount Vernon154-73.33%
192MazdaBill Marine Mazda3433.33%
193RAMTom Whiteside Auto Sales440.00%
194ChryslerJeff Wyler Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of Springfield2350.00%
195DodgeByers Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram63-50.00%
196DodgeDoug Marine Motors Inc2350.00%
197DodgeMathews Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Mount Vernon13200.00%
198DodgeDon Wood Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram330.00%
199RAMRidenour Auto Group03#DIV/0!
200RAMMathews Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Mount Vernon93-66.67%
201JaguarJaguar Dublin43-25.00%
202BuickHugh White Chevrolet Buick02#DIV/0!
203BuickCoughlin Automotive of Circleville, LLC62-66.67%
204CadillacDon Wood Automotive, Ltd.02#DIV/0!
205CadillacChevrolet Buick GMC of Mount Vernon02#DIV/0!
206ChryslerRidenour Auto Group02#DIV/0!
207ChryslerKen Ganley Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram02#DIV/0!
208ChryslerCoughlin Chrysler Dodge Jeep32-33.33%
209ChryslerHerrnstein Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat62-66.67%
210DodgeNelson Automotive Group, LLC02#DIV/0!
211DodgeJeff Wyler Cdjr of Columbus02#DIV/0!
212DodgeKen Ganley Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram02#DIV/0!
213FiatCrown Alfa Romeo Fiat of Dublin220.00%
214GenesisGenesis of Dublin02#DIV/0!
215GenesisGenesis of Groveport02#DIV/0!
216BuickJim Gusweiler Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac, I21-50.00%
217BuickCoughlin Chevrolet-Buick-Cadillac of Marysvil51-80.00%
218CadillacSteve Austin's Auto Group, Inc.110.00%
219CadillacJim Gusweiler Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac, I01#DIV/0!
220CadillacCoughlin Chevrolet-Buick-Cadillac of Marysvil41-75.00%
221CadillacCoughlin Automotive of Circleville, LLC31-66.67%
222ChryslerDoug Marine Motors Inc110.00%
223ChryslerMig Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram21-50.00%
224ChryslerNelson Automotive Group, LLC01#DIV/0!
225ChryslerTom Whiteside Auto Sales41-75.00%
226ChryslerDon Wood Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram21-50.00%
227ChryslerTri-County Chrysler Products81-87.50%
228DodgeTom Whiteside Auto Sales31-66.67%
229JeepNelson Automotive Group, LLC21-50.00%
230RAMNelson Automotive Group, LLC41-75.00%
231SmartSmart Center Easton31-66.67%
232FiatHerrnstein Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat110.00%
233CadillacSpringfield Buick GMC00#DIV/0!
234DodgeCrown Chrysler Jeep Dodge80-100.00%
235SprinterFyda Freightliner Columbus, Inc.00#DIV/0!
236Land RoverLand Rover Easton00#DIV/0!
237MaseratiMidwestern Auto Group10-100.00%
238GenesisGenesis of Columbus00#DIV/0!

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