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Next Generation AD Builder Tool Simplifies the Process of Syndicating Ads for Car Dealers

Next Generation AD Builder Tool Simplifies the Process of Syndicating Ads for Car Dealers

You may not know them yet, but keep your eyes wide open because AET Media just may have something you need.

The team behind AET Media created their Ad Builder tool as a solution to the inefficiencies they encountered first-hand while working in traditional automotive agencies. When monthly incentives would come out, there was always a rush to get the offers through every department; 2-day turnarounds for creatives, 2-day turnarounds for copy, and then someone was tasked to build the audiences, targeting, and optimizations. Before you knew it, a whole week had gone by and you’re only able to run the ad  3/4 of the month before it expires. The timeframe becomes compressed and the ad spend isn’t as efficient as it should be.

The AET Ad Studio 2.0 was developed to save time, effort and money.

It allows advertisers to quickly create custom social & display ads at the click-of-a-button, while utilizing built-in safeguard features to ensure that every ad is compliant. Each offer comes with pre-scoped audiences powered by Oracle Data Cloud & IHS Polk, and the ability to add-on Wizely’s Pinpoint solution for clients in order to help leverage their own first-party data.

 In the time it would take to brew a pot of coffee, users can produce platform compliant ad creative, targeted to intended shoppers, and launched directly into Facebook and Snapchat ad feeds without worrying about that annoying “ad rejected” notice. AET Media’s recent partnership with Wizely allows users to leverage automated co-op reports to save even more human capital as well. In some ways this solution acts as an adaptive “easy button” whereby an advertiser’s life is made a whole heck of a lot easier when costs and time are traded for guaranteed compliance and efficiency.

Kelly Kleinman/Content Director

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