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Technology Has No Limits; Only Human Vision Does

Here are some technological predictions that failed to see the true potential of the ever-expanding universe of what man is actually capable of. I predict we'll continue to try to predict the future without success.…

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Toyota Taking Lead in Autonomous Car Tech, Investing 2.8 Billion

Toyota and two long-time vendor partners are combining sources to develop next generation autonomous driver technology software. James Kuffner to lead the charge in an attempt to catch up with other car manufacturers slightly ahead of Toyota in developing fully autonomous vehicles by 2021.…

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Consumer Electronics Show 2018

The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, Automotive/Mobility section in Las Vegas can best be defined as visionary, colorful, and really, really crowded!…

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Defensive Driving: How Radar, LIDAR, and Cameras Will Stop Road Carnage

Driving automation: How Radar, LIDAR and Cameras Will Abate Road Kill on America's Highways…

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Akio Toyoda Announces e-Palette Future for Toyota, It’s More than a Concept Car

Akio’s vision of the future is a vehicle concept that that he brands “e-Palette”.…

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2018 CES Spotlighting Futuristic Vision of Smart Cities and Clean Technologies

The international automotive collective is pushing forward at full speed to deliver us into a world of autonomous vehicles and “connected, smart cities”.…