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Digging the Digital Dealer Expo and Convention

Times they be a changing. As technology evolves and car dealerships struggle to keep up, one thing is certain...it’s all very complicated.…

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Technology in Marketing: Big Brother’s Nosey Little Brother Wants to Sell You a Car

We’ve all heard of “Big Brother”, but did you know that the private sector is also using much of that invasive technology?…

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Car Dealers Should Really Get Classified

New car dealers have a far greater understanding of new media mechanisms and how to take advantage of technology.…

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Selling Cars through Social Media

Frankly speaking, when and if the selling of cars via social media gets real traction it will be through Facebook.…

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UBS Tanks Prediction of Tesla Stock Decline

Tesla Stocks Soar, Will Manufacture in China…

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The Keys to Driving Drivers to Your Dealership is in the Google Search Engine

No one can deny the Google Search Engine and those who manipulate it the best.…