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Hundreds of Dealers Flocking to New Classified Site for Used Cars

The concept is quite simple; give used car dealers a place to list their inventory, send them free leads, and get someone else to pay for it! Seems simple enough right? staff is signing 100+ dealers a week to their state-of-the-art classified site that they espouse as being “free for life” to any and all car dealers with used car inventory. For any dealers with doubts as to the expected veracity of this classified site, consider the fact that Lithia Motors, Group 1 Automotive, and Larry H. Miller are now listing their used car inventory on it as well. Truth be told, it’s only free to dealers with used car inventory. Yes, used car dealers get free listings and leads, but someone is definitely picking up the tab. If it’s not dealers, then who is it? Turns out there is a huge need for testing platforms, specifically, for marketing technology.

Technologists from a variety of companies are paying to beta-test their technology and services to see what is best suited to drive high-quality traffic (with a high-intent to buy) to dealership sites, and how to process them once they get to the site.

For used car dealers who are looking to list inventory and receive free leads, the site is a “gift horse” in the making. For companies with promising technology that need a means to beta-test, a relationship with the folks at makes a lot of sense. Not to be confused with any other automotive classified site with “car” in it, this site is just a great, old-school, free referral site, with a consumer friendly design, and high-tech backend where dealers can expect to receive first-generation, solid leads from. As inventory builds, and dealers from all 50 states and Canada continue to join at the rate they currently are, is poised to become a major provider of revenue for tens of thousands of car dealers with used car inventory of all shapes and sizes.

Ever since its inception a few months ago as the industries “go to” 100% free, used car classified site, has been signing 100+ used car dealers per week to the state-of-the-art platform.

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