Online Dating and Buying A Used Car
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Online Dating and Buying a Used Car

The two are actually more alike than you think!


You start off on the web checking out the prospects

You pick the ones that look the best

You test drive a few of them

You ignore ones you dislike, despite constant contact attempts

You pick one, brag about it, notice issues you didn’t originally see

Once in a while it smells funny

You trade it in for a better looking one


  • Your start off on the web checking out the prospects

    Most people have their dream man or woman, and car. Fact is, we usually settle for the best option at hand. It’s extremely important for a person or dealership to put their best foot forward on the Internet. You have to look good, you have to sound good, you have to be better than the next guy. Having cheap, cookie-cutter websites is akin to looking average. You may have good inventory but if you can’t pass the eyeball test…you’re out of the running.

  • The best looking ones get picked first

    This is a no-brainer, your clothes look good, your house looks good, your website looks good. Congrats, you’ve made the prospect list. You are now courting. The littlest slip up can be your undoing. She wants to see a romantic comedy, you want to see a sci-fi flick. She wants a clean red Prius, you only have a black one on the lot. You get a little pushy, the date ends and you never see her again.

  • You test drive a few of them

    You have your choice of a handful of suitors. You take test drives. Some have a little baggage, maybe a ding, maybe a missing knob, maybe one too many previous owners, some have better sound systems, some even handle nicely, and some might look better with their top off!

  • You ignore the ones you decide you don’t like despite their constant texts, emails, and calls

    You ignore their pleas to come back (in), and to please accept their better offer before it’s too late. You are festooned with emails, texts, and calls by their associates until your silence finally resonates…and you block their emails and unsubscribe from their newsletters and inventory updates

  • You pick one, brag about it for a couple months and then discover issues that you didn’t know about when you “bought in”

    You’ve made your choice and now you want the world to find out about it. You share pictures of the two of you together on social media and you’re even dressed up in a few of them. Doubts soon set in when you start finding stains…on the driveway.

  • Once in a while it smells funny

    At first you try to ignore it. But eventually you can’t. It comes and goes but you can no longer pretend that smell doesn’t exist. The writing is on the wall and you’re psychologically divested.

  • You trade it in for a better looking one
    And the process begins all over again. What was the name of that one dealer who you may have shut down a bit prematurely?

Taylor Buchanan

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